How To Find Saved Jobs On LinkedIn

How To Find Saved Jobs On LinkedIn
Written by Benny Koteeni

How To Find Saved Jobs On LinkedIn

Finding saved jobs on LinkedIn can be a surefire way to increase your chances of securing a good job if you know how to do it right.

LinkedIn is one of the world’s major platforms where professionals and companies connect and share platforms. You can also learn, network, and share knowledge through your LinkedIn account. 

LinkedIn being a place of business and career, is obviously a great way to find new jobs and make new connections.

To find jobs on LinkedIn, you have to understand how the platform works and how to maximize it for your benefit, and one of the best ways is to learn how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn.

The platform was primarily designed to help people develop and manage their careers as well as find new business connections for businesses and individuals. People seeking jobs can also post their curriculum vitae and apply for jobs directly from the platform. 

The LinkedIn platform helps many companies and startups find good applicants for their companies. Many companies have found great employees and freelancers for their business by using the job application features on the platform.

Statistics from September 2021 show that LinkedIn has up to 775+ million profiles registered across over 200 countries.

LinkedIn is excellent for developing yourself and growing your skills, as well as meeting other professionals in your field. So, let’s learn how to Find Saved Jobs on LinkedIn. 

Saved jobs are opportunities you find and save for further engagement when browsing through the LinkedIn platform.

When you’re done surfing or exploring, you can go back to your profile and find the jobs you have saved to further engage and apply for them. This article will show you a step-by-step approach to how you find saved jobs on LinkedIn. 

To access saved jobs on LinkedIn, you must, of course, first, have a LinkedIn account and ensure that your profile is properly updated with all relevant and necessary information as directed.

Make sure you write a compelling bio statement about yourself and add your previous job experiences. A good profile picture of yourself and a number of amazing references would be sure to set you apart from the crowd. 

When you explore through the feed section or the jobs section on the LinkedIn platform, you may find employment or work opportunities that you could be interested in. When you find these opportunities, make sure you save them.

When you save these job opportunities, they go to a section of the platform called Saved Jobs. The saved jobs will be connected to your account and are based on job opportunities you might have saved for further engagement on your profile. 

How To Find Saved Jobs On LinkedIn 

To find saved jobs on LinkedIn, you have to first log into your LinkedIn account, and then find the job’s icon.

The icon may be located on different parts of the screen depending on the kind of device you are using to explore the platform; look carefully and find the jobs icon.

When you find the icon click it and then click the ‘Saved jobs’ option right underneath the search bar.

When you click saved jobs, it will list all the jobs you have saved from the main LinkedIn site, then tap on the specific job you want to access and then go on to begin the application process. 

If you can’t find your saved jobs on the LinkedIn platform, something must be wrong. You should try following these steps. 

  • First, log out of your platform 
  • Log in again, and ensure that you are using the right credentials. 
  • Navigate through the platform and find the jobs icon
  • Click on the Jobs icon.
  • Click on Saved jobs located directly underneath the search bar.
  • From the list of jobs that appear, find the specific job you want and start the application process. 

If you still can’t find your saved jobs, then you clearly did not save them properly. The platform works 100% efficiently, and it would be impossible not to find a job that was properly saved in the saved jobs.

However, it’s also possible that the company may have removed or filled the position, and LinkedIn removed it from their platform, especially if it exceeds a certain period of time. This is another reason why you should apply for jobs quickly and efficiently. 

At any point, a saved job may not suit your needs, and if you see no reason to keep them on your account, you can remove them. 

To do that, you will go to the Saved job section following the steps listed above and then find an arrow icon pointing downwards.

Click the arrow and find the Unsave option that will appear on the screen. After “unsaving,” you won’t be able to see the job listing anymore unless you save it again from the source. 

There is no actual limit to the number of jobs you can save in saved jobs, and to find saved jobs on LinkedInyou must have first added or saved the jobs, after which they will be listed in the saved jobs section of LinkedIn.

It is possible to add as many jobs as you like based on your exploration and interests. It is also good to apply for jobs and regularly check your inbox for success messages or interview dates, amongst other details. 

Also, note that your activities on the LinkedIn platform are safe and private, which means no one can externally have access to what you do on your account, so employers or recruiters cannot see your list of saved jobs at any time; you are in full control. 

Benefits Of Using The Saved Jobs Feature

The benefits of using the saved jobs feature on the LinkedIn platform are immense and will greatly aid your job search journey until you find a good job you’d like. 

Here are some of them.


Saved jobs help you sort through hundreds of interests to find what is right for you or not. 

Easy Access To Start Applications

Using the saved jobs feature, you can easily start job applications after finding the job option you are looking for. You can start your application from there on and continue the follow-up process from your mail or inbox. 


privacy has become one of the major focus areas of the modern internet, and people are looking for more ways to ensure their privacy and control.

Saved jobs provide an easy and well-secure environment through the LinkedIn platform to ensure that your information is private and available only to you. 


The Saved jobs feature on LinkedIn helps millions of people every day to find great opportunities and start the process of getting their dream jobs.

You too, can join the train and start finding, saving, and applying. 

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