How To Find My Career Passion

Written by Benny Koteeni

One of the many struggles people go through is finding out what they are passionate about and what they love doing without getting bored, tired, or frustrated.

At some point in your life, you may feel like something is missing, especially when you ought to have something you enjoy doing but you haven’t found it yet.

Are you experiencing trouble finding your passion?, Don’t panic, it happens to almost everyone at some point.

An Important point to note is to never underestimate something you love doing and never get bored at it, it may seem unserious but that’s your passion.

Society can also influence you into thinking you have nothing you find passion in doing. Society can make it look like you’re unserious, but the truth is, you can put that passion to good use and create a career out of it for yourself.

I’ve heard most people say they don’t want to turn their hobby into a career cause it can get boring to them over time. Well, the good thing about us humans is that there are several things we love, the only thing we need to do is discover the others.

Finding your career passion is not a very difficult journey. Through this article, steps will be suggested for you to follow in your quest to find your career passion.

Begin Your Search With The Right Perspective

Being optimistic about a journey most times makes the journey smooth even with the obstacles that may likely occur. Being optimistic means having a positive view of life or anything you come across.

If you inculcate this behavior into your search for something you’re passionate about, with time you will find your career passion.

On the other hand, if you have a negative view and keep being pessimistic about your search for your passion, the universe will tend to align with your thought and make the quest difficult and without results.

Therefore, make it a norm to channel your thoughts towards positivity, and surround yourself with friends, family, or acquaintances who carved a career out of what they are passionate about.

When you notice you do not have many friends who followed their passion in your circle, you can expand your circle.

Detect Your Peak Moments

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Your sole aim here is to know your passion right? This means you have something you’re passionate about but may have lost track of it.

The idea here is to detect your peak moments. This means you should figure out the moment when you were involved in an activity and it was always a moment of joy.

You should ask yourself questions such as, “At what point was I involved in any activity and I felt fulfilled doing it”? If you are usually vibrant, fulfilled, and happy when doing something, then it may likely be your passion.

For instance, when you find joy in cooking and turning raw ingredients into a delicious meal, then cooking is one thing you’re passionate about. You may also be passionate about other things. This is where you need your mental detector to be alert and in control.

Take out time to do all the things you love, then make sure your mental detector is alert to note things down, then take note of the times you carried on some activities and felt fulfilled.

Those acts you are involved in and feel fulfilled in may be the same things you’re passionate about.

Separate A Hobby From A Profitable Passion

After succeeding in discovering what makes you happy when you do it, it is important to also note if it’s just a hobby that can be profitable along the line or if it’s something that should remain a hobby without attaching value to it.

This discovery will help you not to waste time trying to turn a hobby into a career choice.

Through this discovery, you can ascertain if this is a skill one can pay you for or not. At this point in your quest, you need to be careful in making a career choice out of what you love doing.

After the thorough discovery, it is good to be alert to deduce who needs your services at this point, how you would work hard to serve them well, and a clearer view of how, when, and where you can serve them.

Consider Topics You Relate With

How To Find My Career Passion

Consider different topics of life that you love to explore. Ask yourself if whenever this topic arises, do you love to discuss it with people? If yes, then you may likely be passionate about the said topic.

While at it, discover your strength and weakness. Discover both your soft and hard skills, this will help point you toward your quest for your passion.

Don’t Quit Yet

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You may conclude that since you have found hobbies you relate with or you have carried out a detective job on yourself and found what you’re passionate about and decide to quit a job you have already.

This is a terrible move, you might not end up getting what you want. First, ensure you have been convinced about what you find passion in doing and make sure it is something you can convert to a career before you quit your current job.

Also, check if your current job has an opening in the career you’re passionate about, and learn the rudiments involved in it by asking questions from anyone in that department. This is to avoid getting yourself stranded and frustrated.

Take Time To Practice

When you must have discovered something you’re passionate about, don’t delve into making it a career choice immediately. Take time to practice, and go for proper professional training to become a professional in the field.

The training will also help boost your confidence in that field, such that when you speak about it as your career, you’ll be speaking with so much confidence as someone dominating a field and not as an amateur.

I hope this article has been helpful to you in your search for a career you’re passionate about. If yes, do well to share this article with your family and friends.

However, if you have questions and concerns, you can drop a comment and we promise to reply as soon as possible.

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