How People Profit From Bullet Shell Casing

bullet shell casing
Written by Benny Koteeni

How People Profit From Bullet Shell Casing

Guns are weapons that have been dreaded by many yet wielded by millions of security operatives manning borders and defending their citizens across the globe. Possessed by the wrong folk, can spell doom and mass catastrophe but when at the disposal of good people, it can be used to protect and preserves lives.

Gun has been around for centuries and although facts about when it was invented have been a bit sketchy, history has it that guns were invented in China around the 10th century, just about the same time gunpowder was invented in the same country. The Chinese invented the fire lances around the 10th century and this set the ball rolling for the continued production of this ballistic weapon. 

Beneath the framed firearm is lodged a piece of ammunition that is composed of brass and other elements, a term that is referred to as shell casing. This shell casing encloses the bullet itself and is propelled by a projectile force when triggered. The functionality of a gun is hinged on the composition of these components. A bullet casing is released when a tapped tiny pin triggers the end of ammunition, igniting the primer which is the component packed with explosives. The ignited primer prompts the propellant to expel the bullet shell casing from the barrel thus creating an explosion.

The aftermath of a shooting leaves a rain of bullet shell casings around the vicinity and due to the psychological effect, a shooting has on people, not so many people care about the bullet shell casing left after a shooting incident. These premises becomes sealed off by the security operatives for crime scene investigation or people flee these sites for safety. Those who are keen on making a fortune out of bullet shell casing business can partner with shooting range centers to collect these expelled casings for their craft.   

Well, people are not concerned about what happens to these bullet shell casing residues after shooting but rather are more concerned about their safety. what many people do not know is that these bullet shell casings are much more than crime scene indicators and markers as they have provided the immense market potential for business enthusiasts who have decided to foray into this terrain rigged with firearm residues. A gun comprises three pieces, a primer, propellant, and the proper part of the bullet.

These components produce the explosive mechanism that is set off when a firearm is triggered. Can an instrument that is laden with a killing potential also bring enormous profit? Then, how do people profit from bullet shell casings? Is there a market for wares made from bullet shell casings and if there is, how much profit can be made from this business transaction?

How People Profit From Bullet Shell Casing

Jewelry Manufacturers

Recycling promotes environmental sustainability and utilizing bullet shell casings for the production of jewelry is another step toward the drive for eco-friendly alternatives. Most jewelry manufacturers have begun to incorporate recyclable materials into their production process. 

These jewelry manufacturers use melted bullet shell casings coupled with other recycled elements such as silver, brass, or copper to achieve a desired piece of jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and several other fashion accessories are made from these expelled bullet residues. utilizing a drill, a hole is made at the end of a bullet shell casing making an opening for a wire or string to be inserted to close the end of the bullet shell casing. A bead or gemstone is placed on top of the shell and a hook is attached to it for easy wear and voila! You have a beautiful pair of earrings or pendants.

 Jewelry manufacturers are tapping into this industry for the production of amazing handcrafted accessories.

Military Paraphernalia

The bullet shell casing is used for producing dog tags, an item which is military paraphernalia that is used for the identification of military officers, especially soldiers, for the recognition of wounded or killed soldiers in combat. This dog tag is scribbled with details of each military personnel and personal information such as name, blood group, branch of service, religious preference, and other significant details that are in tandem with their job identity.

Security operatives are akin to safety hence the requirement of these trained professionals across the globe. Every country has huge resources dedicated to security operations for the protection of lives and properties and this has necessitated the recruitment of many security personnel. The production of dog tags is a thriving business, especially with the rate of employment in security departments across boards. Using bullet shell casings for the production of these materials helps in enhancing environmental sustainability, a stance that has garnered global concern over the last decade.

Security Accessories

Data protection has become significantly relevant in the digital space as the rate of data breaches, intellectual theft and cybercrime have risen tremendously according to a recent survey. Many institutions that rely on technological structures to perform their operations are employing methods that can ensure data protection.

The key fob is one such security accessory. It has been utilized by many firms to enhance data protection services by leveraging its miniature composition to create products that are convenient, flexible, and accessible. These devices are encoded with software that provides technical authentication that is privy to the users alone.

Types of Key Fobs

  1. Alarm key fob
  2. Remote key fob
  3. Electronic key fob
  4. Door key fob
  5. Car key fob
  6. Computer key fob
  7. Key fob system

Today, the world is driven by innovation and technology-enabled platforms. These structures facilitate efficient service delivery and customer-focused initiatives. Many firms are using bullet shell casings to produce these key fobs which is another step toward the realization of sustainability goals.  

 Production of Home DIYS  

We have all made an effort at fixing one or two stuff at home at some point, and armed with a good skill to repair these things, the recycling of several materials has been encouraged and promoted to a large extent. Fish weighs, handles, whistles and chimes can be made from bullet shell casings. Keychains, red lens for flashlight, buttons, arrowheads, and buttons. The list of materials made from these casings is inexhaustible and since many of these materials and products have their precursors from a  bullet shell casing, it has helped to reinstate the will to become more pragmatic toward the approach of business ideas that requires bullet shell casing.  

           These and several other industries have harped on the utilization of bullet shell casings to launch multi-million dollar businesses that have continued to progress in all dimensions by bringing profit to the brand owners and promoting environmental sustainability. 

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