How To Sell Clothes On Roblox

how to sell clothes on roblox
Written by Benny Koteeni

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How to Sell Clothes on Roblox

It is not hidden knowledge that Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms available in the world today. To emphasize its popularity, a study shows about 6 million players on the platform.

Roblox is an online gaming and games creation platform developed by its parent company Roblox Corporation. What makes Roblox unique is that its gaming system allows its users to create fun and play games created by others on their platform. 

Roblox was founded/created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 and was operated as a small platform with a few thousand users.

Growth came for Roblox from around 2010 and was greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic that compelled many people to stay home leading to them playing games for entertainment.

Statistics show that Roblox has over 164 million monthly active users as of Aug 2022. 

Another exciting thing about Roblox is that it is free to register/play but to enjoy the games, you must make transactions or purchases for items that can help you enjoy your gaming experience.

These purchases are enabled through a virtual currency called Robux. On Roblox, every user must have a profile before fully participating in any game.

Also, the users are allowed the pleasure of creating their avatars in any way they like. This makes the game more fun for players and boosts their creativity and imagination. 

These Avatars naturally are almost like a representation of the users because they want the absolute feeling of control that the platform allows. This feature prompts users on the platform to purchase as many items to make their Avatars as attractive and unique as possible.

As we all know, part of what makes or enhances originality and expression in the virtual world includes clothes and other fashion accessories.

Based on the operational style of the Roblox platform that allows users to create, many users also create items that other users can buy.

One of the best-selling items in the Roblox virtual space is clothes, and although there are millions of people actively playing on the platform, only a few know how to make clothes and how to sell clothes on Roblox, which means high demand and low supply.

Like in economics, when there is high demand and low supply, an opportunity gap is created, which means there is a viable opportunity to make a lot of money selling clothes on Roblox. 

Roblox’s model operates so that users can quickly generate money for themselves and their players on the platform. Isn’t that generous? This generosity has attracted millions of users to the gaming platform, which continues to grow daily.

One of the top ways to make extra money on Roblox is by selling clothes on the platform to other users who want to style up their avatars.

These users, in return, are so in love with the beautiful clothes as well as being able to access new clothes and other stuff because it makes the game feel like a real-life experience and gives a unique look to the player, and makes them look more appealing.

However, not all gamers on Roblox know how to navigate the process of selling clothes on Roblox.

How To Sell Clothes On Roblox

Even though it’s possible and some users can do it, many users on the platform are still clueless on how to do it at all, many have searched for answers to these questions, but there are only a few platforms that have provided a clear answer on how to sell clothes on Roblox. 

Interestingly, the process is easier than you may think if you are patient, ready, and very creative. So, let’s explore the process step by step. 

First of all, you must note that you can only participate in selling clothes when you are registered on a premium subscription.

This means your subscription must be above the general basic subscription if you want to access the features that allow you to create clothes and other stuff.

Additionally, suppose your account is subscribed to the premium plan. In that case, you will be able to engage in private selling, selling to other users directly, where you can get paid directly to your virtual account in Robox, the platform’s currency. 

Only items marked as ‘Limited’ or ‘Limited U’ are available to be sold during trading. There will be an icon underneath the picture with the price and other relevant details.

This information is vital as it will help you navigate the platform when you want to sell or buy items from others.

For example, after creating your clothes, you can sell them by going to the ‘details’ page.

Once there, click the three dots at the corner and then click ‘Buy Now’, afterward, you will see an option for ‘Sell’ when you click sell, you will be given a drop box that allows you to set your price and other details of your choice.

This all works just like a regular e-commerce store like Amazon. You must, however, be careful when setting your reselling price to be competitive.

If you set the wrong price that is either too low or too high, you may lose out on the deals, and the platform will be unable to reverse the transaction due to privacy rules.   

Now, let’s see how to create the clothes you want to sell. To make clothes on Roblox, go to the ‘Create’ option at the top of the Roblox website and click on it.

Depending on your design, you will find multiple options on what you want to make, whether T-shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. When you finish creating the clothes, you can also try them on or sample them with your avatar to showcase the clothes and then go ahead to sell. 

To sell clothes on Roblox, you can start by following these easy steps; 

  • Create your clothes as described above
  • Click on the item you want to sell from your list of created clothes 
  • Click on configure 
  • Select the ‘Sales’ option 
  • When the sales page opens, find the ‘Item for Sale’ option
  • Click on it and enter the amount of Robux you want to charge for the item
  • Click Save

At this point, you have listed your items for sale. Afterward, you must return to the transactions page we detailed earlier in the article to monitor your sales and see transaction activity.

You will also get notifications and updates when you make a sale or get an order. The funds paid will also be added to your Roblox Wallet, which can be converted to real money if you choose. 


An important point to note is that while you can create clothes without a premium membership, you will not be able to sell them to other users until you subscribe to the premium membership.

Selling clothes on Roblox is not as complicated as it is portrayed. By following these steps, make sales as others have succeeded in doing so.

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