10 Kinds of Employees Who Should Get Worst Employee Award

Written by Benny Koteeni

Employees Available for Worst Employee Award

Rewards are as much compensation as they are motivations for a staff member. These rewards provide a platform to celebrate achievements and encourage stewardship. The assemblage of rewards presented by an employer to an employee is done to spur productivity and enhance performance. The plaques, badges, and awards adorn several employees’ desks are a reiteration of the employer’s commitment to the worker’s welfare and an affirmation of the constituted policies that form an integral part of the company’s operation mechanism.

So, if rewards are bequeathed to some workers for good deeds, then what happens to those who are not toeing the path of goodwill and concern for the company’s objectives? Get a reward for being a bad employee as well? As laughable as it seems, it is pertinent that bad employees are notified about their wrongdoings so that they can make amends and retract from possible future misdemeanors. 

So what kind of employee should get the worst employee award? Are there actual awards for these employees? Perhaps a glimpse at the attributes of these employees will shed a light on the ethical disposition portrayed by these employees at work. Here are the 10 kinds of employees who should get worst employee award

10 Kinds Of Employees Who Should Get Worst Employee Award

  1. The office bully
  2. Performance sabotage
  3. The show-offs
  4. The emotional blackmailers
  5. Boss’s wannabe
  6. The detractors
  7. The office gossips
  8. The notorious pessimist
  9. The control freaks
  10. The clique tribe

The Office Bully

If the drums were to roll and the announcement for the worst employee award was to be made, then it should be given to the office bullies who are famous for exhibiting demeaning traits targeted at other members of the staff. These workers deserve the worst employee award because they are embroiled in an outward display of selfish intent positioned to bully other workers into inferiority.

The office bully feels a high sense of importance by according encomiums to themselves and relegating others to the background. They are obsessed with being the only one who receives accolades and rewards and they bully other members of the staff into feeling that they are incompetent. Having an office bully in a workspace puts a strain on the vibe and energy that exists in the environment. The vicinity or department with an office bully is shrouded in toxicity with a significant presence of negative vibes. This lowers productivity and impedes objectivity in the workplace, a scenario that can hurt the overall well-being of the workers and the company.  

Performance Saboteur

For an organization to have an outstanding performance across boards, there has to be a collaborative effort made by the entire team to push the ideas and goals of the firm forward. Beyond the premise of individual goal actualization, the one made collectively helps to string all the effort made by each person to build a formidable success structure that stands the test of time.

When the contribution is being sabotaged by a member of the team, it undermines the entire effort of the team. Performance sabotagers are among the employees who should get worst employee award because they either sabotage intentionally or are caught in the middle of things that lead to the sabotage itself. They are late on task delivery and do not meet goals, expectations, and workplace demands yet they sabotage the effort of other workers. Since performance is measured by actualized goals, sticking to designated roles will enhance individual contribution and stimulate collaborative initiative. 

An employee who sabotages their performance or that of other members of staff should get the worst employee award because such acts undermine the general performance of the organization.

The Show-Offs

Every office has one or two of these kinds of people. There is nothing wrong with being open about your achievements but rubbing it in the face of others can be misconstrued. In every place of work, there are different strata in the various department, and not all members of staff earn the same thing. So, it is possible to have some members of staff earning higher than others which puts the lifestyle of each member of staff on a different scale. Some will have a shot at the finer things of life, have access to luxury and live a life devoid of lack, a situation that might not be shared by everybody working in the establishment. 

These types of workers show off every acquisition owned by them. From newly acquired jewelry to the latest certification, everything is laid bare and sometimes this information is not conveyed most appropriately hence eliciting mixed reactions from other affected people. Giving the award for the worst employee to this category of staff is ideal and relatable because a show-off will some members of staff feel less appreciated by the company and an imbued sense of discontentment can set in, sweeping across the firm and engulfing those caught in these web of distraction in a quicksand of unhealthy competition and rivalry.

The Emotional Blackmailers

These individuals deserve the crown prize, they should receive the top award for the worst employee award because of their sentimental response to everything. When they mess up a task, they blame it on domestic issues at home and when they can’t perform as expected with regards to their goals, they blame it on the shuttle to work. They have a basket of emotional responses for everything and this defensive mechanism is employed when subjected to query or scrutiny.

The emotional blackmailers utilize every opportunity to douse their weakness with complaints. They tend to mask their errors with a defensive approach and this provides a shelter from official disciplinary actions. They are the ones with financial issues, litigation cases, and marital crises. Every problem experienced at work is tethered to these scenarios and external leverage is sought to pacify the aggrieved employer or boss.

Sure, these workers are human and could be faced with personal problems that border on their emotions but having a staff who wears problems on their sleeves all the time is a call to worry and a concern that must be addressed. These types of workers deserve the worst employee award for hiding behind an assumptive situation and neglecting the job assigned to them, bringing in a decline in objectivity because there is a performance sabotager amongst the workers.

Boss’s Wannabe

Ever had that one person in the office who preens and struts around like they are the second in command? These boss’s wannabe seizes every opportunity to usurp power, especially in the absence of the boss. They switch roles and act authoritatively without throwing caution to the wind and dish out instructions to even those that do not come under their supervisory terrain.  

There is always room for career advancement and knowledge acquisition in any place of work but acting out a show that resonates with an inclination toward working with other members of staff to impose, assign and delegate assigned tasks when it is not official is going to distort the peaceful coexistence amongst workers in a company. 

The Detractors

The detractors are usually the ones with the contrary opinions and the what-ifs. They do not seem to be in tandem with agreed operational workplace ethics. Sometimes, they might appear as a clog in the wheel of progress and ruin every chance of executing a task or assigned job. These employees are not running with the same objective as the firm, they do not see beyond the building or office premise rather they are naysayers fortified with puling down sustainable ideologies and investment dynamics. 

Now, this is not throwing a cold blanket on employees’ dreams and aspirations but to draw the line between reality and falsehood. If an employee has been appointed to act as a proxy on behalf of the boss, then that is a different scenario as compared to duplicating the boss’s duties and bossing everyone around like you owned the business. Detractors condemn the efforts of others and bully other teammates. They deserve the worst employee award wrapped in a series of accolades and should get the worst employee award for constantly standing in the way of the meaningful proposition that would have pushed the company beyond its anticipated milestones. 

The Office Gossips

Caught in between doing their job and the juicy gossip they have received from unverifiable outlets, the office gossip is endowed with a series of information flying around. This gossip is peddled over time and shortly a misunderstanding ensues among workers, prompting a distortion in the energy that exists among staff.

They are often immersed in this gossip that they forget to do their assigned tasks and fall short of the employer’s performance expectations. 

The Notorious Pessimist

This personality trait is predominantly noticed in the people who are famous for having negative objections about ideas generated to further a cause. They have a psychological genie whispering things that are in opposite direction to suggestions, reviews, ideas, and contributions. The notorious pessimist also deserves the worst employee award because their intent is laced with doubt and prejudices.

The Control Freaks

Some heads of departments are found in this group because they take advantage of assigned official positions to bully other workers into doing their bidding. The control freaks are bent on having their way regardless of whatever strategy is employed. They often cower people into obedience and demand they are given some level of autonomy to display superiority and control other workers.  

The Clique Tribe  

These workers are fond of forming cliques and doing things within that space but having cliques in an office space will breed division as most other members of staff will feel left out and isolated. Members of these cliques might also feel indifferent when merged with other team members for a task. The clique tribe might work as a social club but not within the confines of office space. So, this is another group that deserves the worst employee award.

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This article cranks me up.
I used to own a little right now, I understand where the writer is coming from

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some employees can be something else.

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