How To Get Your Business On Google Maps and Search

Written by Benny Koteeni


The Digital platform has served as a conveyor for many business enterprises by creating a web space for strategic brand positioning.

Since the introduction of the virtual marketplace, a lot of brand owners have leveraged this opportunity to give their business wider coverage, gain traction and extend the frontiers of their venture.

Getting your business on Google Maps and Search presents astounding benefits to your brand.

This strategy helps a business garner leads and traction, bringing the deserved attention using defined options such as geo-targeting methods.

Employing the use of geo-targeting methods enhances the delivery of content to visitors using their geographical location and this comprises the country, region, state, zip code etc.

The need for dominance and superiority has driven the competition for brand awareness to another level as most business owners utilize strategic business marketing options such as search engine optimization to further establish their presence and gain more relevance in the market space.

In the business world, visibility is key to gaining traction and the quickest route is using web-based exposure.

Virtual marketing registered significant patronage during the Covid-19 pandemic as business operations were compelled to refrain from the utilization of physical stores to contain the spread of the virus.

Google search engine holds the top spot as the most utilized search website across the globe.

It recorded about 62.19 billion search queries in 2021 with a daily search visit of 3.5 billion.

Then, the salient question etched in the hearts of many people is centred on how the search engine gets its hands on the information on the web space and in turn makes them available to users.

Wondering how Google’s search engine gets the billions of information it makes accessible to its teeming users? Looking for ways to give your brand more media visibility and establish a presence that promotes your business idea?

Perhaps, a cue from this article will allay those worries and enhance a broader scope of coverage for your venture.

As a business owner, having a grasp on how the Google search engine works is a fundamental step toward its utilization. The next section explains this process in detail.

How Does The Google Search Engine Work?

The google search engine has a structure that is independent of external influence. Using web crawlers, it finds web content or pages to add to its site.

The search engine does not accept any form of payment for web crawling nor does it provide any form of assurance to any web page with regards to crawling despite sticking to Google’s guidelines for site owners.

Google uses three methods for its search, and they include;

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Serving search results


Google has no collective registry for all the web pages hence it uses a URL discovery to compile its list of web pages through consistent updates.

The search engine is always on the prowl, searching for web pages and when a page is discovered, it crawls the website using a set of computers.

Usually, the crawling process is done using a programme software called Googlebot. Utilizing an algorithmic process, Google”s search engine determines the sites to be crawled, the number of web pages crawled and how often they are crawled.

Although, this process is not allowed on every website because most of these web-based platforms block such accessibility. All these procedures are done to see what the page would look like from the user’s perspective.


After a page has been crawled, Google tries to understand the content of the page in a process called indexing.

Here, the properties of a web page and its underlying features are analyzed, a system that fosters authenticity and transparency.

Serving Search Results

The Google search engine provides search results to its users through the information that is stored in its database.

When a user enters a search query, the search engine searches the index for matching pages that provide results that are most relevant to the user.

The relevancy of the feedback given to the user is dependent on factors such as; 

  • The location of the user
  • Language
  • Device

Now that the functionality of Google search engine has been provided, let us walk you through the process of getting a business on Google Maps and Search.

How To Get Your Business On Google Maps And Search

For businesses to go beyond the borders of their establishment and geographical location, a more decisive method of advertising must be used.

Google Search creates an avenue for brand visibility, awareness and recognition with its search index options.

These methods are listed below to provide a guide to business owners and intending business enthusiasts;

1)  Select the right keywords

2)  Utilize Google My Business

3)  Employ the use of search engine optimization

4)  Use quality content

5)  Good landing page experience

6)  Pay Per Click option

Select The Right Keywords

Keywords are like signposts or landmarks used for identification; they serve as tour guides to visitors trying to explore a web page.

A business that seeks to garner traction and remain relevant on the Google Search engine must use specific SEO keywords.

These are the keywords and phrases in a business web content that makes it possible for a business to be found on search engines.

This makes a business owner understand how visitors to the web page search for their products or services.

This process also makes it easy for the business enterprise to provide contents that are strategically positioned to meet its user’s expectations.

How do you understand what your customers or clients are searching for? What methods can be utilized to discover the keywords that will help your business rank better on a search engine results page?

Here are tips on how to use the right keywords for your web page

  • Update the SEO keyword utilized.
  • Be consistent with the SEO keyword research as this provides clues to new trends and search list
  • Employ keywords that will help your business stand out but with respect to your niche
  • Use keyword research tools

Utilize Google My Business Account

Google My Business account is a tool that enables a business enterprise to manage and optimize their business profile or web page on Google.

The business is listed on Google business profile and a free account is created for you in that regard.

This account serves as a tool that helps a business utilize search options that enhance their visibility. This enables the business profile to appear on Google Maps and in the local Google search result.

All that is required for setting up an account is the

  • Business name
  • Location
  • category

After the profile is created, the customers are allowed to provide reviews, add photos, ask, and even answer questions.

Setting up a Google My Business account helps enterprises in the following ways

  • Helps business owners engage with customers or clients
  • Gives the business a wider coverage
  • Gain traction
  • Perform local search engine optimization

Employ The Use Of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a web-based marketing strategy that enhances the quality and quantity of website traffic to a web page from a search engine.

Search engine optimization employs a methodology that is based on a keen observation of how the search engines work, the search query entered, and the specific keywords utilized by the visitors to the web.

This SEO enables a website to receive more visitors or traffic to a site as this tool enables a better ranking on the website.

Deliver Quality Content

Getting your business on Google Maps and Search is a function of good and quality content.

To enhance the optimized use of search engines by users, a business must project its ideas in the most defined way possible.

Using quality content improves the number of visitors to the web page.

Good Landing Page Experience

Landing pages directly flaunt your business objectives. They hold the door open to visitors that grace your web page, walking them through every benefit your product or service presents.

Having a good landing page helps a business achieve the following

  • Create data and insights for business owners
  • Promote paid search campaigns to enhance traffic
  • Increase interactions for a web page as their presentation influences a greater percentage of a visitor’s decision

Pay Per Click Option

The pay per click option is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to a web page for optimized performance.

It is another method for getting a business on Google search.  When pay per click is used, it enables a web page to manage its PPC campaign options and decide which of the advertisement methods is best suited for them.

Finally, it helps a business enterprise gain insights from Ads, information that can be utilized to improve their campaign performance.


Getting a business on Google Maps and Search is the fastest route to gaining business dominance, relevance, and prominence. It is the recipe for a smart business marketing approach, providing a competitive edge and more enhanced visibility.

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