How To Manage Career and Depression – 3 Tips

How to manage Career and Depression
Written by Benny Koteeni

It’s hard to completely cure depression at work. Here’s how to manage career and depression.

The best way to work effectively and efficiently and achieve the desired goal in an organization or company is to be in your right frame of mind.

An angry person may not give the required energy towards work in an organization, when you carry out your duties delegated to you at work in a bad mood, there is every tendency to make mistake and perform your duties poorly.

Bad energy is contagious, as a career person do everything with in your power to avoid being depressed, depression will tamper with your productivity.

Depression is a common mental illness that involves low mood and low interest in any activity. It is a mood disorder that causes a consistent feeling of sadness which will in turn lead to loss of interest, this can lead to poor level of productivity.

Depression can cause difficulty in sleeping, Memory loss, over thinking and poor productivity. Depression if not taken care of quickly, can cause serious problems. Even the most sought after individual can come crashing down in career if depressed.

Symptoms of Depressions and Ways It Can Affect You As A Career Person

Tiredness or Fatigue

One symptoms of depression is tiredness and fatigue as a result of bad energy. This bad energy will result to unwillingness to put in efforts to your job. The tiredness and fatigue is not as a result of work or some other career activities.

The tiredness and fatigue can set in when you’re expected to carry out certain career activities thereby affecting productivity.


How to Manage Career and Depression

Depression can cause lack of focus, the cognitive functions become scrambled and impaired. This is a very big impediment to one’s career.

The cognitive functions is crucial in career, it aids concentration and proper thinking in order to carry out your day to day activities related to your career. If you are distracted, this means the cognitive functions are distorted.

Depression can cause a distortion in your cognitive functions, making you distracted and unable to think and process things properly, and of course, this will be detrimental to your productivity in your career.

If you’re in a work environment and you feel depressed, you may not think and process things properly, making you feel disconnected from your fellow employees.

Distorted Working Relationship

As stated earlier, depression makes you feel disconnected from a whole lot of things, which includes your fellow employees. When you’re feeling constantly distracted and disconnected, you tend to feel insecure and disadvantaged, this will distort your relationship with your fellow employee or any other person around you.

You get easily irritated at anything and react negatively by lashing out in anger. Other times you hide behind the shadows and may not want to relate with others but prefer to stay on your own. Remember, the success of an organization or even a person lies in the ability to cooperate with others.

Every organization needs synergy between every department to function effectively in achieving the set goal for the department. Remember as humans have different body parts, where each body part has it’s own function, but they all work together to form the whole body, same thing goes for an organization.

Therefore, when a depressed person seem to be left out of this synergy, it will automatically cause a strain in productivity in the organization.


Remember a distorted cognitive function leads to distraction, this distraction means lack of concentration. A depressed person who has lost concentration can have countless number of accidents in the work place as a result of total clumsiness.

The accident differs, depending on the nature of the job. It can be tripping or falling off the staircase, hitting ones legs against the table or even having a cut from an equipment.

An accident is detrimental to not just you as a person but to the organisation itself. The detrimental effects of this accident is also dependent on the nature of the accident and the nature of the job.

For instance, falling off a staircase may cause a sprain or dislocation of your ankle or any part of your body involved, which can also cause you pain. An individual going through pains may not be able to work effectively, this will reduce productivity on your part and increase the possibility of loss to the organisation.

As a career person, an accident can either reduce your speed or cut your life short. This also depends on the nature of the job and the level of accident you’re involved in.

Lack of Responsibility

A depressed person and loss of concentration is like bread and butter, they go hand in hand. With time, a depressed person will be noticed by other employees in the organization.

A depressed employee will be regarded as irresponsible by his fellow employees, this is because countless times the will be given a task to perform, they must have messed it up by being distracted, clumsy and not giving it their best.

A depressed person is in constant battle with their minds and whatever they are going through, this will tell on their professional responsibilities. These responsibilities delegated to them will be left to suffer, making them look irresponsible to other people around them.

This irresponsibility can ruin their career and also cause disorganization in a firm, leading to loss of money for the firm.

How To Overcome Depression


One way to get the trouble off your chest a bit is to talk. As a person, there should be one go-to person around you. Opening up about whatever you’re going through is one step to freedom. Talk to a mentor, a family member, a friend too, whichever one is within your reach.

If you find it difficult to open up to persons closer to you, you can go professional by seeking the service of a psychologist.

Self Help

Research shows that regular exercise can help improve depression symptoms. Stress and lack of sleep can also lead to depression, therefore, having enough sleep will help improve depression symptoms.

Another self help activity is to stay around people you care about. Study shows that staying around people we care about who also cares about us in return, makes us happy and this can help ease depression.


Medications can be prescribed by a medical expert, to help change the brain chemistry that causes depression. This medication is known as anti-depressant.

I hope this article is helpful to you, if yes, please do share with your family and friends. If you have any complaints, do well to leave a comment, we will reply as soon as possible.

Now that you have that depression problem taken care of, learn how to change your career path while you’re at it.

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