Who Is Alex Choi– Why Alex Choi Is Super Successful

Alex Choi
Written by Benny Koteeni

Social media is a platform that has continued to garner attention across the globe in recent times. The emergence of digital platforms has enabled the integration of many users and a cross-sectional application of its use.

Alex Choi is one of those who have taken advantage of this platform to push a passion beyond its border to embrace a more career-driven intent.

Alex Choi is a supercar enthusiast who has utilized Youtube to promote his craft. Leveraging on the inclination of youths towards the adoption of social media applications, these social accounts harp on the teeming followers to promote content and intent.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and several other accounts have become a business hub for many people as it has served as a medium for conveying varying commercial interest.

The prevalence of social media interaction amongst users has been strengthened due to its accessibility and free utilization options, an offer that has drawn many to these social websites.

How many brands are utilizing these platforms to project their products and services? Has social media become more of a curse than a blessing? What positive features of these social media apps should be harnessed?

First, we must recognize the immense benefits social media presents ever since it began to amass awareness because almost everyone is on one social media app.

These free apps offer subscriptions with attractions such as marketplace opportunities, network opportunities, and community collaboration. The statistics of followers accumulated by these social media applications as of October 2021 are as follows.

  • Facebook – 2,895 billion followers
  • WhatsApp – 2 billion followers
  • YouTube – 2,291 billion followers
  • Instagram – 1,393 billion followers
  • Facebook Messenger – 1,300 billion followers
  • Tik Tok – 1 billion followers
  • WeChat – 1,251 billion followers
  • Douyin – 600 million followers

These statistics are hugely complimented by the growing participation of individuals who comprises youths.

Alex Choi, one of the trending influencers on Youtube, has over 590,000 subscribers on his channel, which keeps increasing with every update made on his page. What has made this youngster so successful that his name resonates with top YouTubers in the content creation industry?

Who Is Alex Choi?


Alex Choi is a Youtuber of South Korean descent but shares ancestry with the Americans because he holds dual citizenship in South Korea and the United States. He was born in Seoul but had to relocate to Los Angeles during his early childhood.

He is a 21-year-old automobile-based car stunt creator who produces videos about automobile modifications and vehicle customizations.

Taking Youtube, the online video-sharing platform, bystorm, Alex Choi has registered his dominance and creativity through the display of luxury cars that people his age can only imagine.

He joined Youtube in July 2017 and has uploaded videos that have crossed the threshold of a thousand followers. His videos have over 45 million views on Youtube and a massive number of followers on Instagram as well.

For Alex Choi, the passion and enthusiasm for cars sparked an interest hinged on an acknowledged interest rather than childish petulance.

Using the social media platform, he had built a personality that has given birth to an acclaimed brand that has generated dividends and a network of an enthusiastic fanbase.

Net Worth

The increase in brand advocacy produces results measured in terms of their net worth and the numbers of followers or subscribers on their social media accounts.

Alex Choi has a net worth of USD 1 million as recorded in 2022, a sum that is generated through sponsored ads and views monetization.

He also has a merchandise store where he retails products such as hoodies and wears that features his auto – modifications.

Alex Choi has over 657,000 subscribers on Youtube, coupled with massive followers on Instagram. He maintains an average engagement rate of 12.08% on each post.

He charges between USD 1,670 – USD 2,245 for sponsorship ads on his page, a number that stacks up as good dollar bills if collated and analyzed.

Collection Of Cars

Since his first video titled ‘‘FIAT 500E DRIFT CAR BUILD’’, Alex has continued to make videos related to supercars that feature stunts and car modifications.

He made his first video using his mom’s Mercedes Benz but afterwards has gone on to own a series of luxury rides that he often displays on his social media accounts. Here are some of his collections of automobiles.


Alex Choi’s first expensive purchase of a car was made in May 2016 and had its value pegged at USD 115,875 in the United States market. Built with specifications that meet desirable standards, Alex decided to add this brand to his collection.


The need for speed and class spurred Alex Choi to add the BMW M7 edition to his fleet of cars. The market value for the car stands at USD 156,700.

Made in 2017 and tastily furnished with the latest auto design, it provides the comfort and sleekness any automobile could have in its feature.

Lamborghini Huracan

What drives the wild frenzy around his posts and video uploads? Alex Choi has a knack for being selective with his choice of cars.

The adrenaline that comes with the need for speed spurs the attention garnered from his subscribers, and his selection of automobiles fuels this drive.

He purchased the Lamborghini Huracan, which has a market value of USD 200,000.


This is also one of the cars gotten by Alex Choi. Purchasing the Maclaren 720S, which has a market value of USD 284,745. Modified and customized to his taste, this beauty ended up in the popular racing game FORZA HORIZON.


The family of Alex Choi has been well kept under wraps as no mention of his family is made in any of his posts. The only reference to his family was that they had moved to Los Angeles and carried young Alex Choi with them.

He had used his mother’s car in his first video upload, indicating that his family has been quite supportive of his craft and passion.

Though successful, Alex Choi has been embroiled in some controversies. Once, he was arrested by the security operatives after attending a stunt show that the police termed illegal.

Also, in one of his videos, he nearly collided with a motorcyclist while performing a stunt show, and the scenario received much negative feedback from his viewers.


Alex Choi has been super successful because he has taken advantage of the networking opportunities provided by social media applications such as Youtube to promote his craft and interest.

This media presence has brought him fame and wealth, a childish passion that has spawned a web of interest that snowballed into creativity and business.

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