10 Ways To Select A Career Path for your Children

Ways to Select a Career Path for your Children
Written by Benny Koteeni

As a parent, you will always search for ways to select a career path for your children

Let’s get to it.

Growing up, I can still recall all the phases I went through, and we can all agree the career phases had to have been one wild roller coaster. One minute you want to be a banker, the next, you want to be an actress.

Then you realize how much you like to talk and enlighten people and want to be a teacher. It eventually becomes a plan to be a lecturer but baked under all these dreams is a passion for writing. 

While living these fantasies, you have no idea that your career choice is not solely based on the fun; you learn how important your earnings are, the role the society you find yourself plays in your choice of career, and how your country’s economy could affect your career choice.

My parents played an essential role in guiding me through these phases and eventually helped me decide what path to follow. 

Every child has dreams, and it’s up to parents to help shape those dreams. You can be one of those parents by following this easy guide. 

As usual, I’ll give you the quick readers’ breakdown below

  1. Listen to your child
  2. Acknowledge your child’s interests
  3. Provide your children with the necessary career information
  4. Seek professional assistance
  5. Educate your child on the income potential of their career choice
  6. Explore beyond traditional career options
  7.  Create multiple career plans
  8. Be patient and available.
  9. Resist treating your child as an extension of you
  10. Give your children the freedom to select their career paths.

This is one article you don’t want to rush through. It contains information that you need to raise your children to become the best they can be. You owe it to them!

Still here? Of course, you are.

Let’s go!

1. Listen to your Child

Ways to Select a Career Path for your Children

It is very important to listen to your children when helping them pick a career. Forcing a child into a position based on your interests instead of theirs is usually a recipe for disaster. 

Frequent mistakes widely involve parents ignoring their children’s interests when assisting them in making a career choice. 

Think of it as buying the perfect gift for Christmas; you have to pick what tickles their fancy; after all, the gift is for them and not you.

It is important to pay attention to what your children would like to be when they grow up, observe their interests and guide them in picking a suitable career path. 

Older children capable of having an elaborate job-related conversation should be indulged and encouraged to give more detailed accounts of what they would like to be when they grow up.

Also, children love to be heard. They want their opinion to count, and you as a parent should learn to respect that; otherwise, you cannot get the best from them. 

So, if you weren’t paying attention to that little child, now’s the best time to change your approach.

2. Acknowledge Your Child’s Interests

Ways to Select a Career Path for your Children

When you listen to your children regarding the career path that would interest them, observing their interests and helping them build on them is vital. 

Monitoring your child during playtime is an opportunity to figure out their interest. The games your child enjoys more and the toys they enjoy playing with can give you clues. 

For instance, some children will enjoy playing games where they are law enforcement agents, and others will be more interested in pretending to be doctors, e.t.c. 

The hobbies of older children can also provide information on their interests. 

As a parent, you must acknowledge these observations and help the child choose the right career path to explore these interests and put their knowledge to productive use.

Failure to do this, and you’ll have a child with no motivation or willpower to do anything meaningful in life. Please don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3. Provide Your Children With The Necessary Career Information

When your child becomes inquisitive and starts asking you career-related questions, create the time to have that conversation. 

In younger children, it might be random questions about medicine one day and catering the next, but you must be patient and willing to give them the necessary information to guide them and shape their minds. 

In older children, a more detailed or elaborate conversation is required when helping them pick the right career path. 

You must equip yourself by conducting the necessary research to provide the right information. 

A common scenario is finding children who, for instance, have decided to study a medical course. Still, on close examination, you uncover their fear of maths-related subjects.

Or children who would like to learn food science but have no idea it is like an Engineering course. 

As a parent, what is required of you is you help their weaknesses. Employ a private tutor that can strengthen up their weak areas. 

With this, your child is equipped to hit the road!

4. Seek Professional Assistance

You would be surprised at how much ground you could cover by paying a simple visit to your child’s school counselor. 

The counselor employs career assessment tools and conducts critical assessments to provide you with a professional opinion by assessing your child’s academic records and school achievements.

This information will give you an idea of what field the child will excel in and what areas the child needs to apply more effort to satisfy the profession’s requirements. 

Hey! no one told you parenting would be an easy job. There’s so much work! 

But that’s why you have Steady Tips!

We are here to take your mind to those areas you probably never thought about.

5. Educate Your Child On The Income Potential Of Their Career Choice

Many people will argue the importance of earnings when picking a career, as some might be more interested in non-career goals such as personal happiness and fulfillment. 

These factors are all important as they can influence your attitude towards work and the zeal required to excel in any profession, but one does not diminish the importance of the other. 

When I was much younger and wanted to be a school teacher, my parents enlightened me on my prospective income estimate, which helped me look further into the future and decide what profession would encompass a suitable earning and an opportunity to achieve my non-career goals.

Now you see? The role of a parent is indispensable. 

6. Explore Beyond Traditional Career Options

There are new career lines that did not exist decades ago.  

Many professions are springing up in the online field, and you can assist your children in selecting the right career partly by presenting these options to them. 

Are you still working online is a joke? Lookup the networth of some popularly known digital marketers; you’ll find that they make jaw-dropping figures!

Enlighten your children to look beyond the scope of popular traditional jobs and end the era of parents telling their children they can only be doctors, lawyers, and teachers. 

These professions are still held in high esteem, but there are more options to play around with; explore them!

7. Create Multiple Career Plans 

It is easier to create various career plans when you have identified your child’s interests. Many factors could determine your child’s ability to follow an already slated career path, ranging from academic performance physical achievements to financial capability.

It is simply creating a plan B or a C if necessary; it is common to see students opting for an alternate plan by switching courses due to many factors. 

Some systems may require high academic performance or grades, and if the child doesn’t meet this demand, it would be helpful to have another option. 

Some courses may also require high tuition, and you have to equip your child to be ready for situations like this.

Generally, having only one plan is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t have multiple plans right now, I suggest getting back to the drawing board.

8. Be Patient and Available

It usually begins with “I would like to be this when I grow up.” It morphs into one hundred careers, and sometimes it is so unrelated to the initial choices that it becomes funny. 

Be patient with your children and make yourself available to guide them through their career phases.

Finally, when they are ready to pursue their dreams officially, trust me, you’ll know. 

A career is a huge part of an adult’s life, and as an adult, you must be available to guide them accordingly and patiently.

9. Resist Treating Your Child As An Extension Of You

This is where many parents get things wrong!

Your children will always be yours, but you must remember you are two different people, each with unique skillsets, passions, academic performances, and physical achievements. 

It is not advisable to groom your child into a “mini you” to accomplish the things you couldn’t in your time. 

Please don’t ignore the difference between you and your child and the possibility that their career goals may differ from yours. 

10. Give Your Children The Freedom To Select Their Career Path

Understanding the borders of your role in the significant journey of establishing your children’s career path is a case of doing but not doing too much. 

You are charged with the responsibility of giving your child an insight into the career world and learning to ease off when necessary is an art that cannot be overemphasized. 

Don’t hover over your children, adding more pressure and steering the child’s choices in your direction to suit your demands in the guise of helping. 

Remember that your children should have the freedom to select the career path that suits them best while considering the necessary factors and receiving the necessary guidance from you.


Selecting a career path for your children can be a very tricky process as there are so many factors to consider, including their interests, their academic and physical capacities, finance, and the success of a particular venture in a specific environment. 

The role of parents in guiding their children through the numerous career phases can not be overemphasized; the presence of available parents who are patient, encouraging, and well informed is essential in reinforcing the belief in children that they can be innovative and successful adults with tangible contributions to themselves and the society regardless of their age, gender, passion or environment. 

Finding the best career options for each child can be achieved.

With these tips, you should get back there and mold a better child. 

Also, don’t forget to come back now and then to receive more vital career tips.

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