How To Deal With A Rude Uber Driver

angry uber driver
Written by Benny Koteeni

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Deal With A Rude Uber Driver

Cab hailing services have always provided ease of movement and convenience to customers because the services delivered by these transport firms have been structured to accommodate the itinerary needs of an intending customer.

As comfortable as the services provided by these companies, if it is tainted with unpleasantness, then the ride will not be as fantastic as asserted by the acclaimed reviews garnered by these cab-hailing firms.

Perhaps, at one point, you have utilized one of these cab-hailing services, and you have some reservations about their services. Yes! They do come in handy when we need a quick ride around town and do not want to sit behind the wheel.

The Uber drivers, utilizing a digitalized platform, have been able to deliver a series of scheduled trips that offer their teaming customers flexibility and convenience. 

Caught in a situation where the uber rider is uncouth, baring every form of unprofessionalism open to the glare of whoever seeks to listen and witness? Wondering what can be done in that stance to dispel the atmosphere laden with brewing trouble?

An encounter with a rude uber driver can present a distressing scenario, especially when the ride has not ended.

Sometimes, the passenger can be caught off guard by the unruly display of disrespect by the driver but bound by a need to ensure a safe ride; many are coerced and bullied into silence by these rude uber drivers.

Then, what measures can be applied by a passenger to curb this unhealthy situation? Engage in a brawl with the rude uber driver? End the ride abruptly and take your chances with another cab? Get into a heated argument that generates distraction and can result in an accident?

The truth is that civility is all that is required in this situation because safety at this point is paramount.

This step might not sound like the most practical thing to do because a fare-paying passenger deserves to be treated with respect.

When straddled against an opinionated driver who is bent on shoving distasteful remarks down the throat of a passenger, the push to respond verbally or physically grows within seconds.  

Raised voices and flared tempers are a recipe for rehearsed wrestling styles and kickboxing techniques.

So, here are tips on how to deal with a rude uber driver. Situations and scenarios might differ from one person to another because the encounters vary.

Avoid Arguments

Yes, some uber drivers are quite chatty, talking about everything and anything. They introduce topics about the weather, bug the passenger with topics on the weather, and rant about the economic situation of the country.

Some of these drivers seek every avenue to strike a conversation with the passenger, reiterating monologues to incite dialogue.

Although the presence of a conversation on a trip warms up the atmosphere of the cab, that simple dialogue could spark an argument premised on a varying perspective. 

If these scenarios linger and the conversation gets tense, the outcome could be unsavory, and a rude uber driver might throw caution to the wind and lash out at a passenger.

Here are tips on how to deal with a rude uber driver when involved in an argument.


  1. Engaging in a conversation en route your destination is not necessary. If you don’t feel like talking with the driver, you can distract yourself with your phone or headphone. Just grab something that keeps you busy and steer clear of any verbal confrontation.
  2. If an argument arises, a passenger can broker peace or refrain from making further comments to avoid creating tension and unsettled disposition.
  3. A passenger can resort to other means of settling disputes other than getting physical or verbal.

Maintain Professionalism In Your Patronage

When booking a ride, try to stay within the terrain of professionalism and avoid unnecessary situations that might provide room for insinuations.

Do not engage in unhealthy conversations that prompt awkward suggestions and illicit intentions.

Some verbal conversations are laced with indecent lines, and when that line is towed, amorous intent is ignited, and gestures might be misinterpreted. Well, this might lead to a situation that causes a disagreement, and a rude uber driver might not respect boundaries.

A passenger should try to stick to formal engagements throughout the trip and ignore antics employed by some of the drivers to lure them into a steamy conversation that will spark daring moments.

These drivers are trained or rather employed based on professionalism, they are urged to be efficient in their dealings, but there are still bad eggs in that crate.

When you are confronted by a rude uber driver, try to stay calm and be as minimal with physical confrontation as possible.

These are a few tips that can help douse a tense situation between a passenger and a rude uber driver.


  1. These drivers are often under pressure to meet up with set targets, and this can tip them off when subjected to a scenario that is laced with confrontation. A passenger should try not to match their temper with that of an angry uber driver because that might brew trouble.
  2. Keep conversations and engagements official; try not to get too cozy as intentions might be misinterpreted, and you might just end up having an ordeal with a rude uber driver.
  3. When a passenger encounters a rude uber driver, try not to get physical regardless of the stance.

Report The Incident

These cab-hailing services are managed by individuals who want as much profit from their business as possible, and a rude uber driver might just change the dynamics of that plan.

A reported incident of rudeness or misconduct from a passenger sets them into action as they will work to set the record straight.

A passenger who feels offended or disrespected by a rude uber driver should report to the appropriate quarters. Check their website and lodge a complaint or send them an email.

A direct call to the company might just fix the situation and prevent future occurrences.

It is encouraged to adopt an approach of civility and refrain from getting physical as this might end up badly for both parties. Whatever the scenario presents, try to be diplomatic and steer clear of trouble.

These drivers can be driven by several other factors. From personal issues plaguing their beings to external circumstances tugging at the sleeves of their heart, all these factors can contribute to a trigger that sets them off in a bad mood.

A passenger who decides to engage in a confrontation at this point might be served with a cold attitude. A rude uber driver is not a delight to behold. Nevertheless, a compromise can be reached to mend fences.


  1. When you encounter a rude uber driver, report to the cab-hailing firm and register your displeasure.
  2. Applying diplomacy in resolving issues shows a sense of maturity. Taking such steps only reaffirms a good sense of virtue
  3. An uber driver is also human, not some virtual driver who is digitally coded with technical abilities. They are susceptible to faults and can falter when triggered, so do not let a rude uber driver ruin your moment simply because they are having a bad day. 

Also find out how long it takes to get approved by uber just in case you’d like to be an uber driver.

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