How Much Do ER Nurses Make?

How Much Do ER Nurses Make
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How Much Do ER Nurses Make

Clara, a new ER nurse, is a caring and loving nurse who dutifully takes care of every patient to whom she is assigned. She had just completed her usual 12-hour shift when an emergency call came in.

They were informed that a woman had been in a car accident and was pregnant! Immediately after the call came in, there was so much movement and activity everyone had to get ready to receive her in the ER. Clara had never been in such an experience before.

She was pretty new at being an ER nurse. As it was her time to close her shift and go home, her replacement nurse had come to take over from her, but she asked to stay back and work because she wanted to help.

As she spoke, another ER nurse offered to stay back and help the incoming patient. It was a very emotional story for everyone, mostly because she was pregnant, and they knew they had to do everything in their power to save both the mother and child.

As they were talking and getting ready, the doors suddenly burst, and the paramedics and other hospital staff started to wheel her in. The patient was about 30 years old, but her pregnancy was only about 29 weeks.

Immediately after the patient arrived, the ER was fully equipped. Her hospital was a Trauma 1 center, so they had all the possible specialists on the ground, from OB/GYN (obstetrics/gynaecological) doctors to trauma surgeons and other specialists.

She also suffered head injuries and mental disorientation from hitting her head during the accident. The patient was then rolled over to check for additional damages, which was when she screamed. The OB/GYN then did an ultrasound check to ensure the baby was safe and found the fetus in distress and had to perform a quick cesarean section.

So much was happening for Clara at the same time, she had never seen so many doctors in one place working together on one patient. She did her best to support all the doctors while caring for the patient, keeping her awake, infusion fluids into her body and observing every machine monitoring her vital signs.

She had also never seen an emergency C-section done in the ER too, and before long, the baby was brought out and sent to another room, waiting with more trauma team members in the next room.

Everyone worked in synergy and focused on saving both lives; for her, it was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced. Thankfully everything went well, and both mother and baby returned home shortly afterwards.

This story illustrates the fantastic work that ER nurses do and how vital that work is for everyone. We all want to know that if there’s an emergency, there’s someone somewhere who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the best care possible is provided.

ER Nurses are known to be caring and knowledgeable about their work. They execute their responsibilities with grace and so much passion. Sometimes you wonder what drives their passion and why many people are inclined to them.

The attention that comes with being an ER nurse is excellent, and maybe that’s why they do what they do with so much energy, or perhaps it’s related to how much ER nurses make? It’s also probably because they are trained to deliver the utmost care. After all, they are dealing with the most precious thing in the world, ‘Life”.

However, When you consider how tasking the job of an ER nurse is, you can’t help but understand all the fuss around the job. But how much do ER nurses make to match the amount of work they put in day and night, saving lives. Let’s find out.

ER Nurses are licensed nurses working in a hospital’s emergency unit. They are usually the first contact medical personnel to receive a patient at the hospital, especially if it’s a significant emergency case. They are responsible for caring for them until specialists arrive if need be. Let’s see how much ER nurses make for all their hard work.

How Much Do ER Nurses Make

According to statistics, licensed nurses across disciplines usually earn an average of $80,000 annually or $40.31/hr. Going further to find how much ER nurses make reveals an average amount of about $98,405 per year or $55 per hour in the US.

However, these figures are different from state to state and based on other payment modalities applied by the hospital or the laws of the state/region. You can research how much ER nurses make in your state or a state you wish to relocate to.

Research shows that most ER nurses make between $98,000 and $116,000, with some nurses making up to $124,500 per annum based on performance or bonuses. Salary statistics also show nine states where the average salary for ER Nurses is well above the national average.

At the top of this list is Hawaii. Maybe because of what it takes to get experienced ER nurses in such a remote place, they try to compensate with an attractive pay package. Also, Massachusetts and Nevada come second and third, close to what Hawaii offers.

Nevada also offers one of the best pay packages for ER nurses, beating the national average salary by almost 10%. With competitive salary rates and other benefits, many states are looking for qualified ER nurses, and the increasing opportunities that come with being an ER nurse are improving significantly.

The answer to how much ER nurses make is quite encouraging, and the prospects for being an ER Nurse, regardless of the hard work, seem very fruitful.


These statistics show that ER nurses make a good living compared to other jobs and this, in a way, makes up for all the hard work they put in every day.

Many states and good hospitals are looking for new talent to join their teams and economic opportunities abound across the country. This shows how much ER Nurses are important and appreciated, and their income is worthy of the work.

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