Difference Between Remote Jobs And Working From Home

Remote jobs and working from home
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Difference Between Remote Jobs And Working From Home

The word “remote jobs” became a thing during the pandemic outbreak. Most firms discovered that some jobs can be done outside the office environment and took up such an arrangement rather than let the job suffer.

In 2020, workers were forced to quarantine and work from home or wherever they were quarantined. The positive result from this act gave rise to employers introducing this as a perk to their employees.

Prior to this, mostly freelancers get to be remote workers who do not necessarily need to show up physically at the office before they get employed. They work from anywhere around the world for the company and get paid too.

They are placed on targets, given all the necessary tools to work with or any other arrangements required by the job, just like the regular employee. The only demand of the employer is that they get the job done effectively and efficiently.

In today’s world, employers and employees are constantly finding the best ways to make the job easier, and this has encouraged workers to resort to working remotely. After all, it has been recorded that about 77% of remote workers got positive results while working remotely. 

Remote jobs generally mean working out of the main office building or office station. It is a general word for working from home, working while on the road, working remotely but on a flexible time frame, working remotely but coming to the office once in a while.

 During the corona outbreak in 2020, companies suffered great loss in business because employees could not be in the office working. Employers took time to find a way out, and this gave rise to working remotely.

It was discovered that most remote workers become more productive when working remotely; this is due to the absence of distractions from every side, like colleagues, machines etc.

Remote jobs mean working from anywhere outside the office workplace.  It is usually a permanent work method, which means that the arrangement from the employer to the employee clearly states that the employee is expected to work remotely. 

As a remote worker, there should be a properly drafted routine to follow. This is a norm for remote jobs, little wonder the record for productivity from remote workers is high.

Most remote workers work for more than one organization due to how flexible they have made their routine to be.

The phrase “work from home and work remotely” has brought confusion to most people who love to explore this lifestyle. What comes to your mind when you hear the above phrase? 

Remote jobs, as earlier stated, are jobs that can be done anywhere outside the office environment. This work arrangement allows the employee to work in his comfort while ensuring a job is well done in due time.

Remote jobs encompass the different work arrangements outside the work environment or office, including working from home.

Working Remotely is usually a permanent work arrangement and is mostly synonymous with freelancers. An employee who works remotely can even work while on a trip, on any occasion, at home, at a party, on vacation trips etc.

The work does not restrict the employee to a certain environment for a period of time. It is flexible and is only concerned with the successful execution of the job and delivery in due time.

However, working from home, just like the name implies, means working from where you live. This work arrangement is mostly temporary and can arise due to health issues, work leave, or any other reasons. A person who works from home can have a space specifically set up for work. 

Going forward, I believe the former picture in your head about these two phrases must have changed a little. Well, to buttress further the differences, let us outline their individual benefits to a worker.

Benefits Of Working Remotely

More OpportunitiesĀ 

Since working remotely does not confine you to a place, you have the freedom to explore other opportunities that will boost your career. Working remotely, being a flexible arrangement will enable you to plan and organize yourself in a bid to improve your craft and increase your experience.

Remote workers who seize this opportunity tend to meet other remote workers and then build career networks and relationships with other career persons. This act alone can be a major boost in one’s career.


Since you will not be working from the office, some expenses like transportation, feeding, and other related expenses will be avoided. This alone will be a relief as a whole lot of money set aside for those expenses will be saved.

For a remote worker, the major expense to be likely incurred is the purchase of data to have access to the internet. Asides from this, remote workers can have access to facilities of their choice at little or no cost. 

Learn New Things

A remote worker has the opportunity to learn several new things, and this is because of the flexible arrangement of their job. 

As an individual, you have the luxury of delivering a job at your own pace. You also have the opportunity to go for training, come across sophisticated technology, and come across people in the same career journey who have a better experience. 

Benefits Of Working From Home

Choice Of Workspace

An employee who has the opportunity to work from home can get to choose where in the home they will want to work from and how they want to work.

Everyone has a different taste. Working from home gives one the opportunity to pimp their workspace to their taste without constraints. 

As an employee, when you seem comfortable, productivity improves. Therefore, working from home, no matter the time frame, can enable comfortability and the opportunity to set up your workspace to your taste.

Health Friendly

You know that moment you have to board a public vehicle just to meet up with time and to get to the office early enough, or that moment you miss breakfast because you wish to get to the office early?

Well, the good thing about working from home is that you are not under any pressure to get to the office at a certain time. 

Being under pressure, such as the above mentioned, is synonymous with living unhealthily.

Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day. Therefore, missing breakfast is considered unhealthy as well. Working from home gives you the luxury of not missing breakfast and not being under undue pressure. 

Remember the saying, “health is wealth” working from home approves this saying.


Most employees who work from home get to display their multitasking ability. Some employees have children they need to look after and also be a part of their growth. While working from the office, they may miss out on the growth and development of their children.

However, working from home will get them involved in the growth of their child, notice and correct their mistakes early enough, and attend school meetings while they, in turn, deliver their jobs at the appropriate time, effectively and efficiently. 

Working Remotely and Working from home differ because the former depicts an arrangement where one can work from anywhere in the world, even from home, while the latter depicts an arrangement where one can only work from HOME and nowhere else.

The latter depicts that the employee must have set up a workstation in his abode to suit his taste and enable him to have a comfortable arrangement solely for work. 

Most times, working remotely seems to be a permanent arrangement, unlike working from home.

Today employees who are freelancers are usually remote workers who may be required on rare occasions to visit the office. However, a zoom meeting is mostly the substitute for these visits; at the end of the day, the employee may not need to report to the office anymore.

Working from home, on the other hand, is usually a temporary working arrangement that seems to arise due to some unforeseen contingencies. However, on some rare occasions, it is permanent and approved by the management. 

Ways People Can Work Remotely

Remote workers can have a working arrangement where they get to work with other remote workers. This arrangement is known as coworking. Coworking space is an arrangement where a remote worker shares work space with other remote workers.

This is to have the traditional office workspace and work from home arrangement cause it gives you the normal office and non-traditional workspace, which gives the working from home vibes but with better work amenities and corporate opportunities you can find in the usual office settings. 

Coworking is known to enhance and improve productivity and expand the networking of remote workers. The remote worker meets other remote workers under this arrangement and also learns new things.

A remote worker has the luxury of choosing when best they are more productive; they set up the work schedule by themselves. Some remote workers go as far as touring the world in order to open their minds and expand their professional network. 

On the other hand, working From Home, make sure to have a child care arrangement, a designated workspace with the right technology, a pet care (if you have a pet around you), and a schedule that allows for the feel of being in a typical work environment. 

Remember, the goal is to deliver your job and carry out your duty effectively and efficiently. Therefore, it is advisable to go with an arrangement where you are likely to be more productive.


I hope this article has been helpful in your quest to differentiate between Remote Jobs and Work From Home?

If yes, please do well to share this article with your family and friends. However, if you have any complaints, do well to leave a comment. We will reply as soon as possible.

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