Top 10 Ways To Make Money From Erotica Short Stories

Short erotica stories
Written by Benny Koteeni

Ways To Make Money From Erotica Short Stories

The human brain is a network of sensory nerves intricately woven to trigger stimuli, emotions, responses, and activities.

Human beings have always been spurred by the pulsating effect of this cerebral powerhouse, lounging on its neuronal vibration to carry out basic physiological activities, several of which are hinged on psychological reactions.

This neurological mechanism takes the wheel during sexual activities, unleashing coital hormones that spin the sexual inclination threaded through ecstatic desires. During sex, the amygdala swings into action, eliciting chemicals that arouses perception, sensitivity, and connection.

The process of intercourse employs the help of oxytocin and dopamine; putting on the headgear, these hormones assume the role of dispatch riders. They transport emotional sensations and influence behaviors responsible for copulation, aiding the initial biological intent of humans.

Erotic story writers leverage the chemical response elicited during sexual intercourse to convey the message inked in a narrative inundated with sexually stimulating content. These literary works form the basis of erotica short stories.

These types of stories are not iterated liberally on just any website or public domain because it is a topic that borders on sexual proclivities. The literary space has several genres, and keeping a literal work within the ambit of a specific niche helps garner a target audience and produce accrued benefits.

There are diverse genres of erotica stories, but for this article, we will be considering five genres. However, they are all laden with sexually suggestive themes yet are different in their plot composition.

· Erotic horror
· Erotic science fiction
· Fantasy erotica
· Literary erotica
· Erotic romance

Making money from erotica short stories requires a content-focused approach as the audience is presumed before the commencement of the literary work.

Knowing the target audience will not suffice if the addressed niche is not considered, which is the reason for genre-engendered writing.

Erotic Horror

The feeling of adrenaline palpitating beneath the structural expanse of the human body imbues man with an excitatory disposition. This excitement mingled with pervasive spine-chilling plot twists serves a cocktail of delightful literary expression.

Erotic horror has the protagonist or main character portrayed as a villain who holds sway to emotional attachment regardless of how vile the character might be. An explicit declaration of intent culminates in sexual encounters that transverse the entire story.

The eerie ambience that serenades the whole page is the icing on the cake for many erotic horror lovers. Many writers make erotica short stories from this niche as this seems to be a delight for the adrenaline-loving readers.

Erotic Science Fiction

Science fiction movies have always been a vibe for many enthusiasts who love to engage their imaginations. Technology and digital innovations are utilized in a more futuristic environment to define moments and situations that are better imagined than actualized.

In this world of creative content, the futuristic environment is laced with assorted erotic characterization and visualized imageries fused into a crescendo of tasteful sexual compendium.

Fantasy Erotica

In this make-believe world, the characters in the story are launched into an adventure of imaginative creativity where they can explore terrains that are furnished out of the tricks contorted by the mind.

In this niche, the writers are free to roam to fields of emotionally intriguing vocabulary to convey the message contained in the story.

Writers with an imaginative flair for fantasy stories can take advantage of this niche and unbundle fantastic ideas bordering on fantasy erotica. It is a world of simulated sexual encounters within the walls of a dramatized plot and twist.

Literary Erotica

The literary device is employed to provide the readers with a grasp of the writer’s perspective.

Here, the writer takes the audience or readers on a tour of verbally saturated coital content where the reader is immersed into every page of the story by the imagery utilized in communicating the story.

Making erotica short stories out of this niche is simple because it triggers sensual pleasure and excitement.

Since sexuality makes us human, aligning and collaborating with the neurochemical transmissions emitted by our brain only reiterates the biological roles assumed by our body when this sensual emotion is triggered.

Erotic Romance

Who does not like the story between a hero and heroine in a romantic entanglement? A romance story threaded through the eyes of alluring characters that allude to the theme of intimately served scenes is a meal better relished when the mind is indulged in its pages.

A keen knowledge of the erotica niche paves the way for a broader acknowledgement of the target audience, and with that information, it can be harnessed to generate money.

Here are the top 10 ways to make money from erotica short stories.

Top 10 Ways To Make Money From Erotica Short Stories

· Have a defined niche
· Research on the basics
· Create an engaging plot
· Start writing with a profit intent
· Employ a catchy cover design
· Choose the right keyword
· Utilize exciting romantic conflict
· Craft interesting characters
· Stay updated on trends
· Explore the use of imagery

Have A Defined Niche

It is one thing to write a great book, but it is another to have the bestselling one. Writing as a career has immense benefits, and authors have greatly profited from their craft.

Writing with a defined niche embraces a specific aspect and helps the writer apply all the honed skills acquired over the years in the literary piece.

This allows for concentration on the subject of discussion and focuses on the target audience. For erotica short stories, the theme that appeals to readers is sexually arousing content and a compelling storyline.

This assorted theme inundates the readers with pleasure and virile appetite, forging a bond that initiates coital engagement. Any writer who intends to make money from erotica short stories must therefore get to work by researching and digging up content from previous authors.

This niche appraisal enhances skill utilization and enables an erotic writer to understand the target audience. Once the audience is well articulated and considered, the writing is channelled with purpose, and profit is inevitable.

The softcore content portrays stories that allude to sex, while a graphic description of sexual memoirs clads the hardcore.

Research On The Basics

Writing erotica short stories is not an easy task to take on as it requires a great deal of expertise and tutelage. It is not a field for everyone to foray into, thus the participation of a few good ones who have chosen to amplify their writing voices through this medium.

To write erotica short stories, especially content that is high and worth reading, authors must research the intended niche and explore the literary pieces done by other authors to garner experience, acquire skills and improve on their ideas.

The writers can also participate in group sessions or forums for erotica writers to collaborate and network with other writers to tap from their wealth of knowledge.

The best part of researching erotica short stories is putting to work the accumulated ideas gathered from the information received from the research. The author should commit himself to practice, practice, and more practice.

Create An Engaging Plot

For a story to strike a balance and reach the intended objective, the author must wield a creative stance with a plot that stitches the entire story through the fabric of a well-thought-out idea.

Since erotic short stories are imbued with steamy intimate sessions, it is pertinent for the writer to build a framework of events that spurs the sexual theme and romantic firework.

There must be a thick line of disparity between pornography and erotic stories, and a writer of this genre must furnish the report with an excellent plot to enhance the build-up of characters and scenes.

Porn is centred on sex and does not require any plot, while erotic stories are characterized by scenes, events, plots, twists, and climax. There’s a story for the readers to immerse their thought before winding up at the junction of sexual odysseys.

Start Writing With A Profit Intent

Erotic short stories are usually a composition of 10,000 words, and with an erotica author earning as much as USD 7,000 to USD 10,000 per annum, erotica writing has become a genre of fiction that is fast gaining attention.

To make money from erotica short stories, an author must initiate the writing with the intent to make money. Visit websites that allow the submission of short erotica stories and upload your writings.

Employ A Catchy Cover Design

It is often said that a book should not be judged by its cover, but in erotic stories, the cover design is the first point of contact a reader has with the book. An alluring cover design implores and compels a further read on the reader’s part.
The book’s cover design should be catchy enough to engage the readers’ minds and take them through a romantic voyage.

Choose The Right Keyword

The importance of keywords cannot be overlooked in erotic storytelling. As this genre of fiction is getting more recognition, so is the increase in search on digital search engines.

A writer who seeks to tap into the monetary benefits of erotic writing must utilize search engine tools such as keywords to drive traffic to their blogs or posts.

Utilize Exciting Romantic Conflict

Romantic conflicts are the significant strings connecting the plots in an erotica short story. Using pulsating conflict where the characters are constantly interwoven in a work of romance and subtle rivalry with events that finally collide in sexual encounters.

Craft Interesting Characters

Characters’ presentation in a story plays a significant role in the unfolding events. From the protagonist to the antagonist, the events that capture the essence of these individuals are birthed in the parts portrayed in the story.

So, an erotic writer, especially those who major in writing erotica short stories, must employ interesting characters to visualize and verbalize the message conveyed in the story.

Stay Updated On Trends

Authors that decide to be prominent in this fiction genre must research current trends and try to keep up with style in demand. Writing short erotica short stories has a lot of receptive readers hence the need to stay on top of the game.

A constant surf of the internet provides details about trends and flavors currently being streamed, and this can enable a writer to make informed decisions on a writing project.

Explore The Use Of Imagery

Imagery plays a vital role in erotic short stories because it requires a dramatic use of imaginative creativity to push the content across to the reader.

The author must possess a good command of keywords and verbal representation of the message. Be iterative with words, actions, and the general content.

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