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Written by Benny Koteeni

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I put together this post on how to make money online to help several people out there who are in need this information.

In previous times, earning 4 figures may seem an impossible thing to do, but recent information has proven this assertion to be wrong.

One can make four figures and more from even the comfort of their home without so much stress rather than putting their skills to good use.

The quest for better living while putting in little effort has led many into illicit and illegal activities. You can come across news about young people venturing into illicit activities to make 4 figures.

As an individual, it is morally wrong to be found committing crimes just to survive or make 4 figures and more.

Little wonder they say, “information is power”, with the right information available, one doesn’t need to delve into illicit activities and scams to make a certain amount of money and live comfortably.

To earn up to $2,000 monthly is achievable and realistic when you come across the right information about what to do. It may come to you as a shock that you can be in the comfort of your home and earn $2,000 monthly.

This can be a side hustle or even a full-time job, either way, below are a few jobs to take up to make this a reality.


If you’re well detailed and love to read over anyone’s writing with the aim of correcting the write-ups, then you can take up proofreading as a side hustle or even a full-time job. Proofreading is extremely Lucrative.

A Proofreader ensures that content is free from typographical, grammatical, punctuation, or structural errors. People often confuse proofreading for a content editor, although the two are similar they are very distinct and have different job descriptions.

You may wonder who’d be in need of these services. Several bloggers, websites, businesses, content creators, and even writers are in great need of proofreaders and they are willing to pay handsomely for it, as long as you’re good at your job.

The good thing about this is that you can render your services comfortably from anywhere at any time.

Remember you are a boss of your own, therefore you can set your own rates and how you wish to be paid. The number of jobs you get can be dependent on how good you are at rendering your services. If you get several job offers, within a month you can make 2k dollars or more.

If you’re an ambitious person, you can get to build your brand and consequently hire other proofreaders, because as the job progresses, more clients will reach out, to avoid disappointing your clients, it is advisable to hire other proofreaders while you concentrate on branding your business.

Starting A Blog

Although running a blog may take time to run and also start making money but you will surely make lots of money from it. Some of the popular blogs make more than 10,000 dollars monthly. This amount is just from advertising for others and also affiliate marketing.

If you love to write and find joy in writing, you can try out blogging as it might be a great niche for you.

Most bloggers who started didn’t start blogging with the main aim of getting money, they started it for the fun of it, writing and pouring out their minds on a particular topic or niche.

They enjoy sharing information with the world, it’s a hobby to them as they feel a sense of purpose when writing.

As time went on, these blogs grew with large followings attached. It became a household name too because of consistency and zeal on the part of the blogger.

Blogs in general focus on a particular niche, subject, or topic. It can be religion, politics, education, career, immigration, sports, entertainment, arts to science, and even philosophy.

Some blogs can also focus on personal content which may seem like a diary or advertising a particular individual or company, depending on what the blogger wants. A blog combines both texts, images, links to other blogs, and other media-related things in its posts to make navigation on the blog easy and understandable.

The blog has been built in such a way that readers can drop their views, comments, and concerns, and readers can also interact with other readers making the experience enjoyable and the blogs popular.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed person who carries out administrative, technical, or social assistant duties to clients professionally from the comfort of their home. They are usually independent contractors and cannot be termed as employees.

Choosing the part of a virtual assistant as a side hustle is one of the best decisions to make in your quest to make 2,000 dollars monthly. Virtual Assistant has become one of the most sort after side hustles out there. It is known to be extremely profitable and also flexible.

The profitability and flexibility involved in being a virtual assistant and having it as a side hustle are one of the things that have made this niche one of the most popular digital skills in the digital world.

A Virtual assistant can work from anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection and a laptop.

Several persons are becoming aware of this oil well that can give the least 2,000 dollars monthly and are taking advantage of it.

Knowing fully well that more people are launching digital businesses, has given rise to the demand for professionals who can help manage these businesses and successfully run the business for the owners.

A Virtual Assistant who has knowledge of the business and can help other online entrepreneurs run their businesses as their assistants.

Some Virtual assistants who started as part-time, after making at least 2,000 dollars monthly, decided to quit their other jobs and proceeded to become full-time virtual assistants.

Freelance On Fiverr or Upwork

Freelancing is a term commonly used to describe persons who work independently and are not committed to an organization, but carry out duties and jobs contracted to them by individuals or firms and get paid for them hourly, weekly or monthly.

These individuals called freelancers possess skills that are normally in high demand, they are mostly digital skills that organizations or individuals will require their services.

Freelancers in recent times tend to register with a platform that has their interest at heart, links them to different persons from other parts of the world, and protects their interests too.

A typical example of these platforms is Fiverr and Upwork. As a Freelancer, when you register on Fiverr and Upwork, you’re improving your chances to be seen and contracted by foreigners.

The more freelance jobs you carry out successfully, the higher your gig will rise, giving you greater chances to earn 2,000 dollars and above monthly.

As a freelancer, you get the luxury of setting your own rates, setting your own work hours, and even getting to choose which client to work with and which not to work with. One thing about staying relevant as a freelancer is to upscale consistently.

Continue to learn and get trained on current trends in digital skills. Upscale will improve your chances to meet high-end paying clients in the future.

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