How To Make Money Through Airbnb In 2022

Make money through airbnb in 2022
Written by Benny Koteeni

How to make money through airbnb in 2022

If you’re coming across this article, I assure you that your financial status will witness a tremendous turnaround.

You may have heard and come across airbnb, but without complete insight into the vast opportunities you can discover from it or how lucrative it can be, this article has been written to open your eyes to the truth about airbnb.


Airbnb is an abbreviation for Air breakfast and bread, a service that allows property owners to rent out their spaces to most travelers looking for where to stay. They rent this space to travelers who share rooms with other people or rent the whole area themselves. 

Airbnb is a form of real estate that is said to be one of the most profitable short-term real estate investments.

The Airbnb investment idea is becoming more and more popular as the day goes by. Rather than renting hotel space, travelers prefer to rent a comfortable space to feel at home. This choice allows them to make their meal to their taste on their own time. 

It is interesting to note that you may not need to own a property before becoming a successful Airbnb host. Being an Airbnb host without owning a property is called Airbnb Arbitrage. 

Airbnb Arbitrage means that the host rented the space from the property owners and further rented it out to travelers. This concept allows investors to rent the properties from the major property owners and then list the property on Airbnb, where profit will be made from the property’s rent. 

Below are properly outlined ways to make money through Airbnb in 2022.

Make Money Through Airbnb in 2022

make money through airbnb in 2022

Carry Out A Proper Market Research

Every business or investment anyone is going into deserves proper market research first. It is improper to delve into a business without adequate market research first.

This research enables the investor to weigh the pros and cons of the company, and it enlightens the investor on steps to take to avoid making a loss. 

For an investment like Airbnb, it is imperative to do proper homework on it first! 

Airbnb is a short-term real estate investment. One thing to note about real estate is that the location of any estate or property is essential. Therefore, a real estate located in a choice area will yield more profit quickly than its counterparts. 

Vacation rentals are no exception to this rule of location. This rule is one of the essential things to look out for when thinking of a vacation rental property for Airbnb.

Suppose you already have a location in mind. It is advisable to find out if the location can be profitable for Airbnb by asking questions, considering its proximity to tourist centers, proximity to markets, security of the location, availability of power supply, etc.

Purchase A Property

If you have no property and want to get one, make sure you find a good deal. Find a real estate agent who has versed knowledge in vacation rentals to walking you through purchasing a property for vacation rentals for Airbnb.

Identify Your Target Customer Or Tenants

While setting up a business such as Airbnb, you should be fully aware of which set of tenants you wish to satisfy with your services. First, note that not everyone is your tenant; this knowledge will direct you on what to put in place for your target tenant.

When you identify your target tenants, you can deduce if you are to set up a luxurious space or an ordinary one, the location to set up your property, and the price to pay for your services.

Knowing your target audience saves you the headache of confusion on how to market your services. This is because you are fully aware of your market and your competitors. 

Prepare Your Vacation Rental Home

You have successfully purchased a property and identified your target audience, and this means it’s time to prepare the property for its purpose.

For example, if your target audience is high earners, you should design your property in a luxurious style to suit the taste of your audience or tenants.

Set up the property in a top-class manner, and and get interior decorators to give elegant decoration on the property. 

However, if your audience is middle-class tenants or low-class, set up the property to suit the taste of your target tenants. The main goal is to have a comfortable home set up to suit the taste of your target tenants who will require your services during a short vacation.

Create A Listing; Take Beautiful Photos

In recent times, whatever catches the eyes is what the people will love to have. When creating a listing, make sure to take beautiful pictures of your listings (property) and create captivating captions to attract your target tenants. 

As earlier stated, employ the use of a very good photographer to take beautiful pictures of the home, emphasize the captivating locations within the properties and drop beautiful write-ups about them to entice an Airbnb user who will need your services. 

Describe the property with as many details as possible while being transparent about any negative details that may be noticed on the property.

Be transparent about the fees you charge while mentioning additional benefits the tenant will enjoy when they choose your property.

These additional benefits may include; airport pick-ups and drop offs, a tourist guide, a welcome meal to cool off, etc.

Work Towards Becoming An AirBnB Superhost

Getting the super host badge is like getting a blue tick on Instagram; you suddenly have a visibility boost.

Being an Airbnb super host is something everyone with a property on an Airbnb listing should work towards. Due to the algorithm on Airbnb’s site, you suddenly get a visibility boost. 

The Airbnb super host badge increases the confidence Airbnb users will have in your listings; this will, in turn, increase your rental income because people will get to see your listings more. 

However, you must work very hard for this badge! It may look difficult, but it’s worth it; below are some tips to achieve the super host badge:

  • Increase your bookings to at least ten stays for one year or three reservations, which will amount to at least 100 nights, with a cancellation rate of below 1%. The effort you put in advertising your listings and also getting positive reviews from existing customers can help you maximize your bookings to 100 per year in total. 
  • “How quickly do you respond to inquiries from Airbnb users about your listings?” This is one of the numerous questions you should ask yourself. To attract the Airbnb badge, your communication response should be above 90%, which means it should be swift and satisfactory.
  • Positive reviews from your tenants should be one thing to work towards achieving. Airbnb does not joke with consistently positive reviews on a listing; it holds a lot of weight. Therefore, work towards getting as many five-star reviews as possible.

Find Reliable Vendors

Your property needs maintenance to keep it clean and beautiful. While handling other registrations associated with listing on the Airbnb site, let your property show all the captivating captions you have uploaded on the site.

You can only achieve this by owning a fully maintained property.

A maintained property can be achieved by professional stand-by vendors such as a handyman, a painter, a mechanic, or a cleaning service, who can be available on short notice.

Get An Insurance

Knowing fully well that this is an asset, a property, you sure need to have an insurance policy that covers Airbnb. 
Your property is open to strangers, and this means a whole lot of things can go wrong, but being backed up by insurance can cover certain losses and can ease some financial constraints.

Also, make sure the insurance you registered for has a large coverage to cover you at the occurrence of hurt.

Proceed To Launch

After taking note of all the above listed and putting things in place, you can now proceed to launch your listings on the Airbnb site.

As earlier stated, strive towards getting reviews. This will help improve traffic on your listings. 

The goal is to be a superhost while you make a profit; you must first put in sacrifices. The gains in Airbnb’s short-term investment are superficial. You can look it up yourself.


I hope this article is helpful to you in your journey to invest in a short-term rental through Airbnb? If yes, please share this article with your friends and family. Otherwise, leave a message in the comment section. We will do well to reply as soon as possible. 

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