How To Quit A Job In 2022

how to quit a job
Written by Benny Koteeni

How to Quit a Job in 2022

Transiting from one job to another can attract a lot of drama if it is not done the right way. Quitting a job in the right manner has its own benefits, and employees who decide to leave a job for another are advised to do so in the most civil way.

The pursuit of a career has influenced several job choices and caused an increased demand for job transitions. The best possible way to quit a job without drama is the focal point of this article.

Are you planning to quit your job but are not sure of how to go about it?

Stuck in a job that offers little or no career advancement, and you are contemplating turning in your papers?

Worry no more because this article has got the answers to calm those frayed nerves.

 A few years ago, the number of people leaving their jobs had been greatly influenced by the need for salary and financial stability, but this has progressively tilted towards more craving for salary advancement and job security.

These statistics have increased geometrically, especially with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic as more people transited from physical office spaces to remote ones.

Before we analyze the transition projections, let us look at the prompts behind these job changes.

Job Transitions; The Reason For The Drift

 In life, there is always a place for change. These changes are necessitated by diverse factors such as relocation, marriage, new pursuits, and several other life choices.

A desire for a new job position is also among these changes, and the drive for something better has always compelled man to make changes that are more adaptive and convenient for him.

Why do people change their jobs? What is the driving factor behind most job transitions? All these are tips that are going to be uncovered in this section.

Lack Of Enthusiasm

You will agree with me that motivation drives productivity, and when this is in decline, the output begins to decline as the inward push to make things happen is no longer present. If the inward push is absent, an outward display of zeal will be hugely affected.

In a workplace where productivity and work efficiency are directly proportional to the input, the lack of enthusiasm becomes a determinant factor for efficiency.

Many people quit their jobs when enthusiasm wanes and the drive for productivity drops. They feel their presence might jeopardize the contributions of other workers hence the turning in of their resignation letters.

Lack Of Growth Opportunity

A workplace should provide a space for learning and development. The environment should enhance opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.

In an environment where an employee feels that the room for growth is stifled, the chances that the employee might quit the job are high as opposed to organizations where employee’s expectations such as career advancement, job security and growth opportunities are taken into consideration.

Companies or organizations should develop a better approach toward workers’ development. A broader definition of career advancement can be sought through more inclusive ways of encouraging workers and improving their livelihood.

From this perspective, it has been clearly established that one of the reasons why people change their jobs or transit from one job to the other is solely due to a lack of growth opportunities within a workplace.

Bad Management

Bad management can better be explained as a clog in the wheel of an organization as their decisions can either build or destroy the company’s reputation in a minute.

Since the management makes most of the decisions that drive operations of the organization, it is then true to assume that these decisions would have an impact on the workforce.

An employee whose scope of job objectivity is not being protected as provided by the terms and agreement enshrined in the employment letter might hand in their notice.

Bad Work Ethics/ Toxic Work Environment

 Laws are made to put people in check and help cultivate a sense of orderliness. For an organization to be structured with maximum productivity and work objectivity, there must be established workplace ethics and rule of work mechanisms that will allow for better staff integration and interpersonal relationships.

If the work environment is shrouded in toxic dispositions and outright display of bad ethics, the mental health of some workers will be affected, and a decline in productivity might be experienced.

So, bad work ethics or a toxic work environment might be a reason for quitting a job.

Salary and Financial Stability

Survey has shown that job security is the reason for an increased job transition in recent times. Many workers gravitate toward better job offers because of salary and financial stability.

This work stability is a function of job security as a good salary scale and better working remunerations reiterate the worth and value placed on the employee by an employer.

An employer who is offered a better working package in another firm will most likely turn in a resignation letter in a current place of employment.

This job transition for most workers might be a measure that is taken to improve their livelihood and increase their chances of career advancement.

Career Advancement and Promotions

Why do you think that most firms are blessed with the most enterprising staff? Is there a magic wand that makes this possible other than resourceful steps that are put together to encourage personal development within the workplace and enhance career growth?

 Employee expectations are broad and differ from one organization to the other, and an employer must be strategic towards the approach taken to meet these expectations. There should be room for growth through training opportunities that will spur career advancement.

Employers should be rewarded for their resourcefulness, and promotions should be offered where it is needed.

In a work environment where hard work is not rewarded, and growth is not encouraged, the organization is stuffed with disgruntled workers with a high rate of workers leaving the establishment periodically.

Having stated the reason for increased job transition, It is now time to provide tips on how to quit a job without a debacle.

There is no rehearsed method for quitting a job as each scenario varies across boards, but the tips provided in this article will help convey a better stance without impeding your efforts.

How To Quit A Job In 2022

how to quit a job

A recent survey conducted by Microsoft’s annual work trend index series indicates that over 30,000 workers in almost 31 countries have shown a propensity for job transition.

These statistics were obtained from data collated from Microsoft’s applications such as Outlook, Office 365, and Teams to evaluate productivity and ascertain the activity levels of these workers.

Another survey that was done in the UK and Ireland by Microsoft also estimates that 38% of employees were planning a job exit within six months of being employed, while in the US, 42% of employees were estimated to have made plans of quitting their jobs because of remote work options.

 In another survey on global analysis, 41% of workers are contemplating turning in their papers, while 54% of the generation Z will quit their jobs due to digital burnout.

So, with these alarming job transition statistics, it is only pertinent that an employee quits a job in the most civil manner without ruining future job aspirations.

  Here are some tips to convey your job transition intentions to your organization or supervisor.

Have A Valid Reason For Quitting

The reasons for leaving a job for another should be as clear as day. The motive for quitting a job should reflect a concise decision that defines clarity and emboldens an objective intention.

Quitting a job should not be based on mere whims or an impulsive inclination towards a speculative move.

Let the decision uphold workplace ethics and embrace a valid personal note. If the transition will present more career advancement and growth opportunities and offer job security, then it is a way to go.

Give Prior Notice

A notice should be given to your supervisor at least two weeks before you quit.

Do not leave your job abruptly without notice, as this sends a wrong signal to the establishment and might affect your chances of securing another job.

Especially if the other place you seek employment requires a recommendation letter from your previous employer or snoops around to gather details on your working ethics.

Quitting a job should not be a spur of the moment decision as this can have underlying consequences.

Prepare A Letter Of Resignation

 This is the medium through which your intentions are conveyed. A letter of resignation should be prepared to inform your employer of your decision, and it is a formal way of announcing your exit from the job.

The reason for leaving your current place of employment should not be laced with wrong insinuations and utter bad-mouthing of your supervisor or colleagues; rather, the resignation letter should be laced with a note of gratitude.

Acknowledge the experience and support received from your employers during your service years from a vibrant stance while affirming your continued support for the establishment even in your absence.

Schedule A Meeting With Your Departmental Head Or Supervisor

Plan a meeting with your supervisor to explain your stance without divulging core reasons that might spite the organization. Appreciate the support received and appraise your growth with the establishment from the time you came on board.

Pledge your continuous support for the firm and be warm with your conversation. This will enhance a smooth transition without jeopardizing your time with the organization or ruining your chances with your future prospect.


Quitting a job should not be a difficult task, especially when the right steps are taken. In a world where most events are shaped by constant change and workplace dynamics, it is only necessary to move with the tide, even if the change has to do with a job.

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