The Metaverse And Your Career – Good or Bad News?

Written by Benny Koteeni

The Metaverse And Your Career

Did you know Facebook changed its name from Facebook to Meta? 

Is the Metaverse that much of a big deal that the tech giant would adopt it into its core in such a manner? 

Wait a second…

Why should you even care? How does it affect your regular life? 

Well, that’s why you’re on 

You’ll find out shortly.

This post will contextually emphasize the negative and positive effects of the Metaverse on you as a person, and your career path. 

Note: this article is not created to talk down on the technology behind the Metaverse or to give appraisal to the technology to the detriment of the industries it will affect negatively; instead, this is my unbiased analysis on how the Metaverse can affect the career paths of a whole lot of individuals. 

Before we arrive at the focal point of this article, It’s important we get up to speed on the literal meaning of what the term “metaverse” connotes.


What Is The Metaverse?

Virtual reality refers to a digital environment that can be explored by a set of special tools. This virtual reality is a completely digitized universe where users can experience anything. 

The only limitation to this reality lies in the hands of the programmers who developed the software in use. 

On the other hand, augmented reality does not stand independently without physical reality. 

It has to do with the addition of several other elements into a user’s vision without affecting the fundamental outlook of his physical environment. 

In other words, augmented reality has to do with the sight of the modified vision of your surroundings using special equipment. 

With that taken care of, let’s learn a little about what the Metaverse is.

Metaverse refers to a secure, open-source set of codes that connotes an entirely digitized universe. 

The Metaverse is a digital representation of the physical world. 

Almost everyone has used mini versions of what the Metaverse could be.

A good example is video games like GTA. You have a character you can control and explore a particularmap.

The Metaverse is a more advanced, power-intensive version of this kind of game where you get to control an avatar that will represent you.

Oh! And this feels more realistic than your average video games. 

6 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About The Metaverse 

  • You can actually buy properties like lands, cars, yachts, ships, etc within the Metaverse. This is made possible through the possession of the infamous NFTs (programmed for this specific purpose)

  • Major influencers like the American Rap artist, Snoop Dogg, are already acquiring properties in the Metaverse. 

  • The Metaverse is a universe of value. 

  • You can get an education within the Metaverse. 

  • You may most likely be able to fulfill your fantasies within the Metaverse regardless of what they might be. 

  • The Adult movie industry is firmly behind the metaverse ideology.

Misconceptions About The Metaverse 

I read through many articles and comments on available articles online, and I find several misconstrued pieces of information out there. 

It is vehemently clear that we are still light years away from understanding the Metaverse concept (I don’t mean that literally).

Let’s quickly go through these misconceptions. 

The Metaverse Is Already Here

The Metaverse was announced to be in preparation by the tech giant; Facebook. Before the Metaverse becomes an actual reality, a whole lot needs to happen.

First, a means of accessing the Metaverse has to be made available to a good number of people worldwide, and I don’t see this happening even in the next 3 years.

This is just one problem I see with it. However, this applies only to facebook’s open-source metaverse ideology. Some other metaverses are already in use. 

Metaverse And NFTs Are Distinct

Well as much as these two concepts are entirely different, it is essential to understand why these two words are always mentioned together.

Within the Metaverse, the utility of NFTs becomes 100% visible to everyone who questions the possible utility of NFTs. This doesn’t limit the utility of NFTs to the Metaverse alone. 

Metaverse Is A Facebook-only Project

This assertion is completely false. Facebook may be the primary pioneer of the technology, but if it is open-source like Facebook says it will be, it will not be correct to say that it is a Facebook-only project.

This is because programmers worldwide with enough motivation and purpose will contribute their fair quota. 

Arguments About It Being AR or VR

This is a genuine call for concern amongst many Tech lovers. So is it going to be augmented reality or virtual reality? In my opinion, I believe we’ll see more of AR than VR if the Metaverse is going to be adopting a more practical/ realistic approach to how consumers respond to new concepts. 

The Metaverse Is Inevitable

This assumption is quite faulty. The Metaverse is potentially the next big thing in the tech industry; however, there’s potential for failure. 

So How Does This After My Career? 

Good question!

Whenever a new technology is introduced, some career paths are affected. It could be either negative or positive or both, depending on who’s perspective you’re observing from. This dates back to the industrial revolution of 1760 – 1840. Machines majorly replaced human labor, especially in agriculture and production.

With a bit of research, you’ll get up to speed with the fact that some people benefited from the industrial revolution, and others became irrelevant. Hence, they were relieved of their duties. 

The same thing happened when we got Uber. A lot of taxi drivers complain about the overall reduction in turnover. The same thing goes with AirBnB (hotels don’t like it). I can go on and on, but I have to wrap this up. 

The effect of the Metaverse will be positive on one end, and negative on the other. Let’s briefly take a look.

Industries And Businesses That’ll Be Positively Affected By The Metaverse

Many industries will enjoy the creation of the Metaverse. I will discuss a few here. 

  • Power –
    As much as the Metaverse promises to be energy efficient, it cannot function without a power supply. Since it’s going to be worldwide, basically upgrading the internet as we know it, energy requirements around the world may most likely go up. If that really happens, there will most likely be an increase in revenue generation, which may trickle down to the average worker. 

  • Communication –
    Every business in this line, especially the Network Service Providers, will have increased revenue. They will also have to step up their game to stay relevant in the grand scheme of things. Current 5G technology will also have to be worked on, to attain relative availability and stability in as many arrears as possible. 

  • VR goggle makers –
    The primary means of accessing the Metaverse are the goggles to be used. They look huge and a bit unappealing, but we already have regular glasses that have augmented display support. They seem more likely to be generally accepted. This industry will experience high demand in the future, leading to favorable growth.

  • Programming & NFT based companies –
    Since the Metaverse is just an advanced set of codes that forms a universe, programmers, and companies that would collaborate with Meta and other companies, will definitely make it huge. The same goes for NFT projects. 

  • Advertisement –
    Companies and businesses would pay handsomely to get specially placed ads within the Metaverse. Remember those sci-fi movies you watched? Companies advertising in the sky and other futuristic Hi-Tech advert methods? This is more achievable in the Metaverse than in the real world. 

Industries And Businesses That Will Be Negatively Affected By The Metaverse

  • Transportation –
    I believe international travel may take a drastic downtrend. The urge to travel will drop tremendously because I mean, why would I want to travel, given the cost implications and risks involved, when I can access whatever I need from the comfort of my home? Physical business meetings will also take a considerable downtrend. 

  • Movie theatres –
    Physical movie time will reduce. I mean, there will be virtual theatre movie houses where you can watch your movies within the Metaverse, so why even bother going to a physical one? 

  • Adult Entertainment –
    Physical adult entertainment will most likely move to the Metaverse. Major adult entertainment companies are already working on ways to be supported within the Metaverse.

  • Mega Marts –
    I’m only referring to their current workforce. Workers will lose their Jobs because the issue of relevance will arise. 

  • Gaming –
    I believe most of the games will have to move into the Metaverse to stay relevant. Not too sure if huge revenue loss is expected, because some gaming companies will move into the Metaverse, but it’s worth mentioning here. 


In general, I welcome every new technology that has the potential to make life easier and more enjoyable, however, we cannot negate the fact that these innovations come with a price. 

We already have a generation that cares more about hand-held devices, rather than physically socializing with friends and family. 

People now suffer from low self-esteem and other vices because of what our society has turned into, and guess what? We are about to make it 10 times worse. 

The Metaverse will take us physically further from family than social media did. 

Regardless, I still believe that is a welcome development that should be accepted on all levels. We cannot only look at the negative sides alone, completely negating the positive aspects. 

Besides, the Metaverse opens up a world of possibilities for humanity. I mean take a look at space exploration, for example. I want to visit the planet mars, but I’m sure not going to be a part of Elon’s Mars program. I rather visit the red giant from the safety of my own home. 

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