Top 10 Jobs For Nurses With Suspended License

Jobs For Nurses With Suspended License
Written by Benny Koteeni

Jobs For Nurses With Suspended License

Nursing is a highly recognized and reputable profession all over the world. It is the largest, most diverse, and most respected of all healthcare professions, especially when you have the necessary qualifications, certifications, and licenses.

The reason is that nurses take up the all-important responsibility of rendering care to the sick, disabled, injured, and dying. 

The respect accorded to this Profession is such that health organizations ensure that nurses are well satisfied with their jobs for them to render satisfactory service to their patients.

This also creates some strictness in monitoring and supervising nurses’ performance as well as taking disciplinary actions on any nurses found wanting.

A study shows that any healthcare organization that wants to continuously attain the best quality of patient results should always look after their nursing staff. 

This is because if the nurse feels satisfied with their work and environs, they will take care of their patient like they ought to, and these patients are more likely to do well too.

Nursing is one Profession that is gratifying yet so demanding and requires utmost attention because the slightest mistake can result in the suspension of one’s license. The government and other regulatory bodies are also very particular about attention to detail and excellence.  

Considering how demanding this Profession can be and how much dedication and effort is required to render a satisfactory service, some individuals become so into the job that they cannot afford to do something different from nursing, especially when their license has been suspended.

They look out for jobs that still keep them within the Profession, and some questions that have been frequently asked are “what can a nurse licensing board suspend a nurse license for? and What are the jobs for nurses with suspended licenses?

This article will help you understand some reasons why a nurse’s license is suspended and the top 10 jobs for nurses with a suspended license.

Why Do Nurses’ Licenses Get Suspended?

So many nurses do their jobs to the best of their abilities, taking care of patients and ensuring they stay healthy; however, if a nurse defaults in his or her duties, it will result in the suspension of their license.

Some specific reasons why a nurse could have his or her license suspended include;

  • Abuse of patience
  • Misconduct or breaking rules guiding the health organization
  • Errors in caring for a patient
  • Committing fraudulent acts
  • Illegal use of drugs
  • Forged license
  • Not meeting the minimum educational requirement, and so on…

Now you are aware of some factors that could warrant suspension of licenses, let’s help you identify the Top 10 Jobs for nurses with suspended licenses.

We will list the jobs and then explain further

Jobs For Nurses With Suspended License

  • Medical Assistant
  • Biological Technician
  • Patient Advocate
  • Personal care and home health aide
  • Nurse assistant
  • School Nurse
  • Health educator
  • A Nurse freelance writer
  • Medical Records Technician
  • Medical secretary

Medical Assistant

The job of a medical assistant is to help physicians, nurses, and other medical staff in carrying out administrative and clinical duties under the direction of a physician. These administrative duties may include scheduling appointments and maintaining medical records. 

Biological Technician

Although this might not seem like a nursing job, it is one of the jobs that nurses with suspended licenses can doA biological technician is responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining laboratory instruments and equipment.

They monitor experiments, collect data and samples, calculate and record results from patient test examinations and sometimes analyze biological substances like drugs, food, and blood under the supervision of biologists such as microbiologists.

A biological technician is also called a laboratory assistant.

Patient Advocate

This is one job that the majority of nurses with suspended licenses venture into.

A patient advocate is a nurse that acts as an intermediary between the patient and a health care team concerning the patient’s preferences, informing them about their illness and educating them on possible treatment so that they make informed decisions.

They also help patients understand medical bills and modes of payment.

There are several types of patients advocacy in nursing, and they include;

Medical Facility Advocacy

While others overlook the well-being of a patient while in a medical facility, a nurse can take up the responsibility of speaking up for the patient.

For example, if a patient receives a wrong diagnosis or is placed in an environment that is not so safe or tidy or if the patient is not clear about their medical reports or diagnosis, the nurse brings these issues to the notice of the team and helps the patient to resolve it.

Family Advocacy

This is more like patient advocacy, but in this situation, a family is involved. A nurse can also perform the responsibility of a family advocate by acting as a mediator between a patient and the family to resolve any disagreement regarding the type of medical treatment to choose.

Personal Care and Home Health Aide

This is a go-to job for nurses with suspended licenses. 

Personal care and home health aide provides health care services in patients’ residences, accompanies patients to see the doctor, assists patients with personal care activities, monitors patients, and gives reports on their condition, among many other responsibilities.

In most situations, these duties are determined by the patients.

Nursing Assistant

A nurse assistant works under the supervision of a licensed nurse to provide health care and support to a patient within a medical facility.

Their job is to help patients with hygiene activities such as using the bathroom, brushing teeth, bathing, cleaning and changing linen regularly, assisting patients with meals by feeding them, monitoring vital signs, and reporting symptoms that may be worrisome.

They perform almost the same responsibility as personal care and home health aide; the only difference is that one is done within the medical facility while the other is done at the patient’s residence.

School Nurse

They are nurses that work in a school environment to provide health services and ensure that students can access proper medications if any health issues arise.

They also promote health-related culture in schools, e.g. washing hands properly, eating healthy, etc., carry out screening and writing referrals for health services, and create and monitor health plans for students.

They ensure the environment is clean and safe for the students and staff, keep track of students’ vaccination, and ensure compliance with local and national health laws.

However, they do not treat students or staff who fall ill directly, and it is majorly a monitoring and advisory role. 

Health Educator

The majority of nurses with suspended licenses opt for this job because it has fewer technical requirements.

A health educator enlightens individuals and communities on how to live a healthier life and avoid unhealthy behaviors like smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

They create and implement programs and treatments specifically designed to address the patient’s needs and take health-related classes according to the organization’s guidelines.

Nurse Freelance Writer

If you love to write, then you might as well consider this as one of the jobs you can do as a nurse with a suspended license.

This job might seem unusual because freelance writing is hardly associated with a profession like nursing. However, it is a lucrative job with good pay and does not require a license.

You will utilize your previous experience as a nurse to write healthcare-related articles and other forms of content.

They can also do medical writing for various health organizations as well as medical journals, healthcare magazines, blogs, and even academic papers.

Medical Records Technician

Becoming a medical records technician may require some specific training but not necessarily a registered nurse license. However, the knowledge and experience you must have attained in your time as a nurse could be useful on the job.

This makes it one of the jobs nurses with suspended licenses can do easily. The role also has no interaction with patients and therefore needs no kind of supervision or medical knowledge; however, they work with medical professionals, technicians, and lab scientists.

Medical Secretary

This role is mainly administrative and can be performed by a nurse with a suspended license easily. A few basic training on file management, documentation, excel, etc., can easily get you started.

You are also likely to work in a hospital or hospice or for a medical practitioner’s private practice or consultancy work. This might not pay as well as an RN position, but it can keep you on your feet.    


Now that you know the jobs available for nurses with suspended clients, it is important to note that executing these jobs will be under the supervision of a licensed nurse and you also need to know that being able to venture into these jobs is dependent on the reason for your disciplinary actions.

For example, you might stand a chance of getting a job if your license is being suspended for basic unprofessional conduct or behavior, unlike a nurse who may be accused of drug abuse or committing fraudulent acts.

Before you apply for these jobs, make sure you consider the reason your license was suspended and then act accordingly. 

Also, find out if you can wear makeup as a nurse.

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