How To Spot A Good Job Offer

Spot a good job offer
Written by Benny Koteeni

You’ve been searching for something worthwhile. There are several of them out there but the question should be, how do you spot a good job offer?

Let’s switch it up…

Congratulations!  you have been offered a job in our establishment! This is the message jobseekers always get when they finally land a job.

This message will definitely bring joy to whoever receives it. Unfortunately, this over-excitement has led many into slavery and frustration. You may ask, how is that possible? 

If you have ever had to seek a job, you may be aware of the struggles involved in this search. The constant need to foot bills, the pressure from society, the need to be accountable, and more are among the many reasons one can accept a job without thoroughly investigating or researching the job. 

Whatever circumstances you may be facing or going through, resist the urge to accept any job that comes your way without carrying out proper research on the job. Instead, take a moment to reflect on the job because there is either a positive or negative effect on your career for every job you get involved in.

While searching for a job, always remember that your first reason for having a job is to have a better life; other things come second, as the case may be. A better life describes all the positive results and benefits of being employed. 

It may seem challenging to spot a good job offer, but with the help of this article, the impediment will be dealt with. All you need to do as the reader is follow us through this article step by step.

These points to look out for in trying to spot a good job includes;

The Salary

spot a good job offer

Every job seeker wants a job with higher pay than the previous job. If you intend to apply for this current job to get higher incentives, you should look out for the salary while thinking of accepting the job offer.

Salary is a significant motivation for work, if the current job offer does not have better pay, the job is not worth it. 

However, if the job offer seems to be one that can positively impact your career in the long run, you can demand a salary raise from the employer at the point of the interview or the first day of resumption.

Of course, this demand from you should come with genuine professional reasons so you can sound convincing. If the demand is granted, you can go on to accept the job offer. On the other hand, if the employer does not give the request for a salary increment, it is advisable not to accept the job offer.


spot a good job offer

It is important to note that there’s more to a job than just the salary. A job offer may come with a very juicy salary and then be a platform of slavery on its own.

The job’s flexibility aids better performance from the staff. It doesn’t matter how hardworking or serious an employee may be. If the time frame for work is not flexible, the job should not be accepted. 

Before you accept a job offer, be informed if the company gets to witness vacation and time off to recoup and refresh. 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is not a mere fallacy. It’s the reality. No one should consistently be made to work and work without a break. It can lead to depression, nervous breakdown, and even loss of life. 

Also, check if the work hours are flexible and if the company can accommodate virtual or remote workers, primarily if the need arises.


Apart from the salary, does the company have other plans for its staff? The different methods may include and are not limited to; Health insurance, retirement plans, extra incentives, etc.

If the company has any provision for these stated compensations, either of them or all, it means the employer has the interest of the staff at heart. This means that you are in the right place, and you will enjoy these benefits. 

Some organizations appreciate it when their staff engages in self-developmental activities; therefore, they get actively involved financially.

If you have any plans to acquire a degree or self-development courses related to the office you may occupy, you can research if the company where you are being offered the job will reimburse your tuition fee.

The awareness of this will determine your next move. If they do, it is advisable to accept the job as it means the employer is interested in your development.  

Current Financial Position Of The Company

Before accepting the employment offer, it is imperative to check the current financial status of the firm. By financial status, we mean the financial strength of the company. Go through their books to ascertain if they are debt-free.

A company with more liabilities than its assets may likely not be able to take care of its workers. Salaries and other incentives are important to employees as food is essential to man.

One primary goal of every employee is to have a level of financial freedom, where he can foot specific bills such as transportation, feeding, housing, and appearance (dressing). If this goal is not met at a 70% level while working, the employer’s productivity will reduce due to a lack of motivation. 

I believe you don’t want to be associated with an organization already swimming in the ocean of debt.

As an employee, being a part of an organization whose books record more debt than liquid assets can be regarded as one of the 1000 ways to die. Therefore, to avoid being in poverty and a part of the debt you never incurred, critically check the current financial health position of the company. 

You may ask, “how do I access this information?” 

Getting thorough information on the company’s financial health is no big deal, although you have to be tactical to avoid feeding yourself with the wrong information.

First, ascertain if the company where you got an offer is a Public Limited Company or a Limited Liability Company. Let’s get to the basic definition of these two terms: 

Public Limited Company

It is important to note that any company with PLC means the liability of such a company is limited to its public. This company is owned by its shareholders, but the board of directors controls and manages it.

A company recognized as a PLC  has most of its financial records released to the public. This means that getting financial documents of a PLC may not be that tasking for an employee.

Most PLC companies upload financial statements annually or monthly to the media, newspapers, or journals. Information about PLC is for public consumption, therefore it’s easier to reach.

Limited Liability Company

In this setting, liabilities are limited to its shareholders alone and not the general public. Getting details about a limited liability company’s current financial health status may prove more complicated than that of a PLC.

Except an LTD company has gone public, the financial health status of the company cannot be readily accessed.

So as a prospective employee, except you’re comfortable working with a not-so-financially-stable company, it is advisable not to accept an offer from the company.

Learn more about limited liability companies here.

Career Goals And The Firm

how to succeed in real estate business

Getting called up by a company concerning an offer means you have a career already in whatever field you occupy.

This means you have already set career goals for yourself and must have set aside strategies to achieve them. Before accepting a job offer, make proper findings if the company has any alignment with your already set career goals. 

You have to note and observe if this new job can help you move forward on your career path. If the new job can be an avenue for progress on your goals, then it will be wise to accept the offer.

Room For Promotion

Everyone with career goals desires to be promoted in any organization they work with. This desire enables them to put in their best and work hard to attain promotion. This promotion is a part of their career goal. 

However, if the organization where you have been offered a job is stingy with their promotions, this may frustrate you who has such great dreams, ambitions, and career goals. Frustration will always breed poor performance and productivity. Therefore, you must turn down the offer and look for a bid at an organization where promotion is valued.


I hope this article has been helpful to you, if yes, please do share it with your family and friends. If you have any complaints, do well to leave a comment, we will reply as soon as possible.

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