Which Of The Following 10 Jobs Can Make You Lazy

which of the following
Written by Benny Koteeni

Which of the Following Jobs Can Make You Lazy

Which of the following jobs can make one lazy? This question must be a shocker to anyone that comes across it because the whole point of having a job is to make one less idle and lazy. Let us take a look at the definition of a job.

A job is a daily activity that you do to give you a sense of purpose because it provides you with specific goals to work toward each day, build financial stability, skills and experiences to become better and handle bigger responsibilities.  

Considering the definition of what a job is clearly shows that it is meant to put you on your feet to work harder and smarter, and so it begs the question; which of the following jobs can possibly make one lazy?

If you are a workaholic, this article will help you identify the jobs to stay away from but then if you are in the category of people who like the easy way out with minimal effort, then you might want to take a cue from which of the following jobs that require little effort and could make one lazy. 

For the sake of those who would like to glance through, we will list them out and then go ahead to explain further.

Are you ready?

Which of the following ten jobs can make you lazy?

  • Professional Binge watcher
  • Movie Extras
  • Beer tasters
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Professional Cuddler
  • Luxury house sitter 
  • Professional Sport fan
  • Pet sitters
  • Sleep study participant
  • Apologizer

Professional Binge watcher

Which of the following jobs

This job requires you to just sit at home all day to watch a series of movies and give a review. In fact, companies like Netflix pay people to just watch movies all day and write a short review or recommendation and send it to them.

What else can make an individual much lazier than being at home all day and watching movies?

Although it requires a level of intelligence in understanding movies and some writing skills while giving your review, it doesn’t require so much effort.

The only hard work here is being able to stay glued to your television and giving rapt attention to the movie. How interesting…

Movie Extras

which of following

These are people that appear in the background of a movie or tv show without saying a word. They are often called “Background Actors”.

This set of people helps the movie appear real and more authentic, and there are no certifications that are needed to qualify as a movie extra or background actor.

Beer Taster

which of the following

Naturally, many people drink beer to ease off stress and feel more relaxed; how much more having the qualification of a beer taster. Sounds hilarious, right?

As a beer taster, you are expected to sample and taste different beer brands, rate and give your overall experience.

Usually, before anyone applies for this job, they are advised to get a level of training for the role and can also work in the hospitality and alcoholic industry. Interestingly the average pay rate for this job 140$ per day.

Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is paid to anonymously visit a retail store or restaurant. Food market, phone shops, theme parks etc., and pose like a regular customer making sure that the company is exactly what it claims to be and giving a review on your customer experiences.

Mystery Shopping is another interesting job that requires little or no effort or you working yourself up to get promoted or qualified for a higher role.

This means that doing this over time might probably make you less interested in playing major roles in big companies and being more interested in moving from one business to another and giving feedback on your experiences.

Professional Cuddler

which of the following

A professional cuddler simply gets paid to snuggle up with their clients on a platonic level.

This profession does not require any certification, and you are not required to go through any sort of training or licensing before you can become one, and it can be done anywhere in the world.

If you like holding strangers, this could probably work for you? 

Luxury Sitter

A luxury sitter gets paid to watch over a house owner’s house to ensure that it is occupied when they are away.

Luxury sitters basically act as the owner of the house while the owner is away, and the only major requirement needed to get this job is to have excellent communication skills and integrity. What would you be doing all day in the house anyway? 

Professional Sports Fan

which of the following

Sports will not make much meaning without fans watching and making the stadium or arena lively and exciting. Many people are recruited and paid across many different sports to attend these live sports games and support the players or teams.

Sounds like a cool job, though. Would you give it a try? 

Pet Sitters

Just like you would hire a babysitter to watch your kids when you go out, some people actually hire someone just to watch their pets for them while they are away.

The pet could probably even be a fish. Imagine sitting down all day, just watching a pet and getting paid at the end. Awesome right?   

Now don’t forget our topic just yet. Which of the following jobs can make you lazy

Sleep Study Participant

which of the following

Many medical facilities study sleep patterns and behaviors, so they need people to participate in their research programs.

The job basically is to sleep while they watch or observe. This weird job can earn you up to $1,000 per day, depending on the size of the facility. 


which of the following

In Japan, you can get hired simply to apologize to someone on behalf of someone else, and it’s well paying too.

The goal of this job would basically be to find those who have offended others and need to apologize and then apologize on their behalf. Interesting right? 

Which of the following jobs discussed in this article would you like to have, or which of the following jobs discussed above do you think you can make more money from?


There are many jobs out there that can make you go from super workaholic to someone who doesn’t really care about the big roles and positions and wants to be in their comfort zone, have fun and earn a living without breaking a sweat.

It is also important to know that the majority of these Jobs might not be suitable for everyone because some of them require you to be passionate about them.

Also find out which of the following careers best suite you

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